Whole-Wheat Waffles


I love preparing waffles.

Upon resolving to create a simple, whole-wheat waffle recipe, I experienced a brief jolt of extreme excitement. How perfectly rustic; rural… It’s no secret that shabby-chic elements appeal to me. Eager to begin, I assembled the integral ingredients and smiled thoughtfully to myself while stirring together a batter.

The process possesses unique comfort – Combining flour, eggs, oil. Thoroughly mixing. And finally… cooking, as a mouthwatering aroma wafts throughout the house.

The result: Incredible.

Waffles tend to be.

And… These are healthy. I promised to share numerous wholesome recipes over the course of January, in an effort to aid those currently developing nutritious lifestyles {New Years Resolutions!}.

While on the subject of resolutions, I suppose I ought to share mine – Writing. Specifically, Blog-Writing. Often, schoolwork heavily impacts the amount I write in each of my precious posts… I love writing. Truly. But three-sentence posts? Hmmm…

“If I had more time…”

No longer a valid excuse.

Prepare for a year of pretty pictures (Hopefully…), delicious recipes (Always!), and plenty of paragraphs…

Happy 2013!

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