Royal Icing


Ah, Sunday evening. Though today consisted primarily of a rather distressing food photography failure, regarding an absolutely incredible one-bowl chocolate cake, I have calmed down – perhaps just slightly – and am now resting upon my favorite soft pink blanket, nibbling on a Milky Way as I type. Chocolate, after all, is the supreme cure for utter disappointment of any sort- coupled with a pleasurable excursion to Target, that is. On said outing I purchased various containers of fruity Greek yogurt {my current addiction} and the aforementioned candy bar… Next weekend I shall once again attempt to photograph the very same cake, as the recipe is most certainly one worth sharing.

Now… let us begin our discussion of royal icing – a delicious discussion, to be sure.

I often dream of possessing breathtaking sugar cookie decorating abilities. Not until yesterday, however, did I undertake the process for the first time. It was quite difficult, I must admit, and it may be several years before I have wholly mastered the artistic technique. Despite this, I did mange to stumble upon a fantastic icing recipe, one I personally believe to be superior among its kind. It piped beautifully – though my piping skills were far from faultless, and surpassed my initial expectations, by far. The texture is ideal, so silky and smooth. With a touch of vibrant food coloring – complete perfection.

I will undoubtably prepare this icing time and time again, as I refine my decorating skills.


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