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June 8, 2013 Update: This Post Has Now Been Archived As A Morsel

May 19, 2013 Update: New Morsel… ~ Year One ~

             Posting has been rather infrequent as of late, for which I sincerely apologize. It has been – perhaps – two weeks since my last kitchen endeavor. Though it may appear to be so, I must earnestly assure you, it is no personal decision of mine. Rather, my lack of blogging is a result of school. Yes, school. I am merely a {high school} freshman, at the moment, but an enourmous workload has been assigned over the past few weeks, in preparation for finals. Achieving exemplary grades is of significant importance to me, and so, throughout the durations of both April and May, studying becomes a principal, foremost priority. Reports, power points, standard homework assignments… all have prevented me from partaking in my passions of baking, cooking, writing, photography, etc. Despite the unfortunate lack of shared recipes over the course of the next several weeks, I guarantee you, Munchin’ Mel has not – I repeat – not been abandoned by myself. As I wrote in a recent ‘Basically Today“:

“An apology is in order. My recipe posting has been rather sporadic – which I hate, hate, hate. I believe I warned you of my to-be-infrequent updates here, but truly, that is far from a decent excuse. Blogging may be my passion, but Spring is an academically rigorous semester, and – at the moment – grades are ultimate priority. Don’t fret – I have not, and will never, abandon cooking, baking, writing, and photography. Over the duration of summer, it is my intention to bombard you with delicious sweet treats, savory dinner inspiration, pretty pictures (though this will certainly take some time… but practice makes perfect, right?), and descriptive, flowery language (also a work-in-progress). Optimistically speaking, one recipe shall be featured over the course of May, to celebrate my one-year anniversary of blogging. If a recipe is not possible – which is to say, if there is simply no time to create and photograph anything – a ‘Morsel’ will, without a doubt, commemorate the special occasion.”

In spite of my blog’s to-be-quiet atmosphere {until the second week of June, that is…}, social media shall be sustained:





A ‘Morsel‘ may be posted every so often {this message, in fact, will be archived as a ‘Morsel’ following my next recipe post}, with concise updates of the state of Munchin’ Mel.

I appreciate the time you took to read this… it means so much to me!

Thank You… I simply cannot wait to be back in the kitchen!

– Abby

Oh! And a few recipes to hold you over:

{90-Minute} Brown Butter Cinnamon Rolls

White-Chocolate Walnut Waffles

Lentil & Vegetable Soup

Angel Food Cake


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