Strawberry Smoothies {For Two}

Strawberry Smoothies ~ munchin' mel

Ah… the utter simplicity of a strawberry smoothie.

Though often charmed by the delightful qualities of complex, involved recipes, I must admit there is a great deal to be said for sweet, effortless,ย refreshing treats, particularly throughout the lengthy duration of summer’s infamous, inescapable, waves of sizzling heat.


A handful or two of oh-so-elusive, perfect strawberries. Plump. Ripe. The hue: a stunning, scrumptious red. Impossibly vivid. Uncommonly delectable.

Accompanied by a generous scoop of rich, vanilla Greek yogurt. A liberal splash of cool, creamy milk. Perchance a pinch of granulated sugar?

Oh – and ice!

Frigid. Frozen. The final ingredient.

Ice, ice, ice.

All shall meet, in the blender. The result… Heavenly. Splendid. And, as promised – thoroughly simple, in all respects.

Strawberry Smoothies ~ munchin' melGranulated Sugar ~ munchin' mel

Now… I would like to take a brief moment to chat with you about my summer thus far. First order of business: my laptop. You may be aware {as I believe I mentioned it previously, through various forms of social media} that for the past several weeks it was being repaired. No laptop equates to no photograph editing opportunity whatsoever, a horrendous experience for myself, to say the least. It’s back now, however, and I’m eager to begin posting as frequently as possible, once again! Yay! Over these MacBook-less weeks I acquired several ~ gorgeous ~ new food-styling props, and am very excited to put them to use. Also worthy of a mention in this post: I – finally – updated my ‘About‘ page. Just thought I’d let you know!

Summer- despite being described as ‘lengthy’ above {it is lengthy, however, in the sense of heat. Brisk weather – though not downright cold – is much preferred.} – has passed remarkably quickly, wouldn’t you agree? School commences in no more than a month and half, give or take a few days. I can scarcely believe it.

Oh, but why dwell on the negative? Think of the unwinding, serene summer days to come! The tranquil strolls along the beach. The smooth, vanilla ice cream, heaped into classic sugar cones, drizzled with a just a touch of sweet, sugary caramel. The smoothies… the ice cold, revitalizing, strawberry smoothies.

This one, for example… you’ll absolutely love it! And so, my rambling now ceases.

As for the recipe…


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4 comments on “Strawberry Smoothies {For Two}”

  1. Mmm, nothing better than a refreshing smoothie in the summertime!!

  2. The smoothie looks great! And your ‘ramblings’ are never ramblings. Always great to read. Love the new update as well ๐Ÿ™‚