an utterly simple pumpkin soup.

an utterly simple pumpkin soup. |

Ah, winter is approaching… and rapidly so. Upon stumbling across a rather bold candy-cane display at a local supermarket – perhaps – two days ago, I  was abruptly reminded of this sullen, inescapable truth. Though I adore autumn, winter has never quite been worthy of the same fondness, in my eyes. Yes – there is Christmas, and I must admit I eagerly snatched several boxes of the aforementioned red and white striped treats, unashamedly devouring more than a quarter of the container’s contents within mere hours, but despite the sweet perks of the holiday season… I despise winter. January and February? Oh, so terrible! The frigid weather is nearly unbearable. It is during these months that I pine for fall, I long for the return of spiced cider, cinnamon, and pumpkin… Pumpkin!

For a brief moment, however, let us set pumpkin aside… it is a topic we are sure to exhaust prior to this post’s end. Instead, shall we discuss soup? Savory dishes have become a rare occurrence, as of late. I find myself drawn toward sweet, baked goods, sprinkled generously with turbinado sugar – my absolute favorite ingredient, and tend to neglect main dishes. No, I do not solely partake in sugary recipes, but the salty and spicy foods I consume on a daily basis are not prepared by myself.

an utterly simple pumpkin soup. |

an utterly simple pumpkin soup. |

an utterly simple pumpkin soup. |

This particular soup was created on a whim. I happened to be in possession of the required ingredients and a warm bowl of smooth, spiced soup sounded especially appetizing at that point in time. As implied in the title, this recipe is utterly simple… and utterly delicious. It comes together in no more than fifteen minutes. Perfection.

Now… pumpkin! Though winter is nearing, it has yet to officially commence. Autumn is still present, and I intend to make the most of the season’s few remaining weeks. Pumpkin shall be utilized frequently in my kitchen, along with apples and pears. I so love pumpkin’s unique flavor, its presence seems to add character to  otherwise ordinary baked goods. In this soup… pumpkin is positively wonderful.

an utterly simple pumpkin soup. |

an utterly simple pumpkin soup. |

Finally, the recipe: it is one you will surely enjoy. I recommend serving this dish with walnuts, grapes, a bit of french bread, perhaps?

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Thanks for reading. xoxo – Abby

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4 comments on “an utterly simple pumpkin soup.”

  1. Must have tastes heavenly with all the simplicity in this recipe 🙂

  2. Love this atmosphere you managed to create, it’s just magical… 🙂