Traditional Cranberry Sauce

Traditional Cranberry Sauce |

Merely a week has gone by since my last post, and yet… it feels as though an eternity has passed. High school finals dominated my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, you see. Studying was an unpleasant chore, it robbed me of all leisure time. No photography, no baking, no writing – with the exception of essay preparation (sigh). The exams have come to an end, at long last, however and winter break has officially begun! I prepared cranberry sauce, in celebration. Yes – not cookies, not cake… but cranberry sauce. My youngest brother requested it – perhaps – a month ago, and with my limited spare time, I just could not make it. Finally, this very morn, I tossed together the lovely side dish, one my family adores.

Traditional cranberry sauce requires minimal ingredients… simplicity is key. Cranberries, of course. Sugar and spices. A drop of vanilla extract. This is how I prefer it. Classic. Uncomplicated. Delicious.

Traditional Cranberry Sauce |

Traditional Cranberry Sauce |

Traditional Cranberry Sauce |

 Now… let’s discuss Christmas! It is approaching, oh-so rapidly. I have cards to write, gifts to prepare, and cookies to bake! How on earth is the big day already upon us? Wasn’t it just October, just Halloween? Time flies. It really does. Before we know it, 2014 will have arrived.

Speaking of which…

We will be celebrating the holidays with extended family in another state – as a result, my posts may be slightly infrequent over the course of next week. I’ll have photographs to share from my trip… stay tuned (and follow on Instagram!).

Traditional Cranberry Sauce |

Traditional Cranberry Sauce |

Without further delay — the recipe.


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4 comments on “Traditional Cranberry Sauce”

  1. Beautiful as usual. Happy holidays! I know the feeling, even though my frantic high school days are behind me, it’s just work and work events, work parties, and very little time to experiment in the kitchen. I guess we must try to enjoy the process!

  2. Happy Holidays, Abby! [Oh and I love that spoon!]