{vanilla baked} doughnuts and double digits.

The big 1-0. As of tomorrow morn, my youngest brother will have officially reached ten years of age. Ten. Ten, ten, ten. Merely six years ago… I, myself, was ten. Time certainly does fly by.

To celebrate Jack’s double-digit achievement, I baked him a batch of sweet vanilla doughnuts, sprinkled with golden turbinado sugar for a satisfying, added ‘crunch’ . This recipe… ah, so utterly simple. Yet, so, so delicious. Though he despises homemade cake, of any sort, this treat is an absolute favorite of his. With the hint of cinnamon, the sugary tops, and a moist interior, how could they not be?


Now… Ten reasons why my itty bitty brother is tremendously special:

1. His {rather annoying} highly contagious laugh.

2. His stubbornness, and willful personality.

3. His love of Cartoon Network and silly YouTube videos.

4. Alll the junk food…

5. He’s quite photogenic.

Vanilla Baked Doughnuts | munchin-mel.com

6. His obsession with raw broccoli.

7. His delightful sense of humor.

8. His fierce determination – this boy never gives up.

9. Sports. He watches, and he plays.

10. He’s apart of our family. What more must I say?

Now… the recipe you are undoubtably here for. Enjoy.

And Jack… Happy birthday, kid. I love you.

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xoxo – Abby

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2 comments on “{vanilla baked} doughnuts and double digits.”

  1. awwww you are THE SWEETEST sister!!! The donuts are lovely and look delicious and I’m sure your brother loved them!