Weekend Things

As I type these weekend words, curled up atop my lovely (and remarkably comfortable), cream office chair, it is nearly 11:00 on an average Saturday morn. I am sporting pajamas at the moment, despite having showered just over an hour ago – it is still summer, after all. These past few days have simply flown by. Of course, doesn’t nearly every week seem to blur seamlessly into the next?

I’d like to introduce you to a new addition to Lace & Lilacs: prose & poem, a category devoted primarily to writing. ‘Writing’, in this particular case, is a rather broad term I’ll be applying to a wide variety of posts. Book reviews, creative work, ramblings, lists, and more are to be archived beneath ‘prose & poem’… a little bit of everything, I suppose. Typically, a photo (or two, or three…) will accompany each of these updates, but occasionally images will be absent, depending on the nature of the post. It’s going to be fun! You’ll see.

Now, about those weekend things I referred to in the title:

On Instagram: I am borderline obsessed with a number of utterly gorgeous instagram accounts, but lately these particular galleries have managed to captured my full attention.

Bluebird Kisses : I simply adore this mama’s classy style and photographic talent. Her little boy is just too cute!

Emma the Yellow: Emma’s insta is an absolute favorite of mine. Her beautiful take on everyday life in San Francisco is extraordinary.

Joy Prouty: Joy is, hands down, the most talented woman I currently follow. I can only hope to be a fraction of who/what she is someday.

If Joy is my #1 source of inspiration, Beth of local_milk and sarah_kieffer of The Vanilla Bean Blog are very, very close seconds. I cannot praise these two ladies enough!

 My Life: Just what’s been happening to me from day to day…

The heat has been absolutely brutal as of late… well, I suppose this a matter of opinion. For those of us who reside merely twenty minutes (by foot!) from the pacific ocean and are by no means accustomed to humidity: utterly brutal. My mother and I purchased several new fans to place strategically around the house. We are so eager for fall to commence!

… it began raining a moment ago (this never happens. ever.). I suppose this is a sign that our recent spell of warmth has come to an end?

To those of you aware of my fondness for all things vintage, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I was delighted to discover Rusty Zipper not long ago. I ordered the most darling sweater a month or so back, and was more than satisfied with the product. I can’t recommend them enough! ModCloth is fantastic, too…

Finally, I have nearly completed my online school coursework. Just a few more days and I’ll officially be free!

Around the Web: Bits and pieces from the internet!

This cake from Pastry Affair is stunning ~ I heart this photo ~ A positive thought for the day ~ Perfect photography from Bonnie Tsang ~ World’s cutest engagement shots 


That’s it for today.



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4 comments on “Weekend Things”

  1. love this!

    that baby pic is the cutest!

  2. Love this series – all those Instagram accounts are so beautiful!