Happy Thanksgiving: rest and be thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Wishing you all a lovely holiday.



(To my family, friends and those of you who regularly comment on Lace & Lilacs… I am so, so grateful for you. I am also tremendously thankful for… my little shih-tzu Toby – aka Bubba, the unwavering support I receive from adults in my life, my beautiful home, the ability to speak my mind, and the opportunity to follow my passions.) 

Is it Christmas yet? (insert smiley face emoji here… ooh, and a Christmas tree emoji, too!)

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2 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving: rest and be thankful”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Abby! Have you ever posted a photo of Toby? He sounds adorable :).

    • Thanks, Laura! And no, I haven’t posted a photo of him… yet! I’m hoping to dress him up for cute shots this Christmas, but we’ll see. It can be hard to get the little guy to stand still 🙂