a lovely little list: the new york city edition (featuring film images from October 2014)

During my brief visit to New York City this past October I did not photograph exclusively with my beloved digital camera… you see, several weeks before our departure I purchased a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera online through Amazon. This was my first experience with film of any sort, and it was kind of incredible. Though I still prefer my Canon, every so often I find myself opting for the Instax. Because film is pure magic.

Below are a collection of links I heart; each and every one of them is related to the Big Apple in some way. Enjoy! xx

Sarah’s photographs from 2010… her stunning images never fail to blow me away.

Manhattan is all kinds of beautiful.

Two New York Posts crafted by myself: New York City and New York City 2014: In Digital Photographs

Izy’sย inspiring pictures, the majority of which were shot on The Highline. Love.

Let’s make soft pretzels, shall we?

Ooh, and candied peanuts, perhaps? New York Style!

The Flatiron District. Totally gorgeous.

Strand Books. I may be just a teeny bit obsessed.

Oneย last photo of my favorite city in the States. It’s a pretty one.

Curious where the images in this post were shot? Don’t be!

The first photograph was taken (unless my memory fails me) from outside the New York Public Library.

The second (which features a lovely, comfortable pair of boots I purchased in London last year but never have the opportunity to wear because of where I live….) was captured near the Flatiron Building.

The third picture was shot inside Strand Books!

And finally… my camera and I resting near the Statue of Liberty. (The photographs I took of Lady Liberty herself were all far too bright. Sadness.)

Just five days until Christmas…

Happy Holidays, everyone!



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4 comments on “a lovely little list: the new york city edition (featuring film images from October 2014)”

  1. I love the feel of film – your photos are magic indeed!

  2. I have wanted a polaroid for so long and a few weeks ago I stopped by urban outfitters and saw the Instax Mini 8. It’s so cute and I love the variety of colors. I love how film captures a timeless effect in photographs. I may buy this as a xmas gift for myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the comment, Amanda! I totally recommend the Instax Mini 8. It’s cute, not too expensive, and easy to use. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy Holidays!