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~ thoughts ~

  • Happy, happy Wednesday! Quite some time has passed since I last shared a photographs – thoughts – links post… but, hurrah! This itty-bitty issue is about to be remedied. Shall we begin?
  • The recipe for the doughnuts featured in the images above can be found here.ย As for the enchanting miniature chalices (also visible above), I purchased them a year or two ago while thrift-shopping for unique photography props. Love them!
  • Throughout the holidays my life was fairly calm; simple. Without the burden of homework/school/finals I was able to relax, enjoy a few novels and television shows, and play with our shih-tzus for hours each day. The new year has officially arrived, however, and I’ve begun to plan for the months ahead. I’ll share a bit more regarding where I intend to go education/career-wise in the future, as the pieces (slowly, but surely) begin to fall into place.
  • Christmas sweaters are my favorite. The most wonderful time of the year may have technically come to and end, but my seasonal, cute, oh-so-cozy pullovers will continue to be worn, at least for the time being… or through, um, April. Just maybe?
  • Have a great week, everyone. Wishing you all a healthy and fun-filled 2015.

~ links ~

xoxo. a new recipe is coming soon. (hooray!)

– Abby

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8 comments on “lovely little things: photographs. thoughts. links.”

  1. Those mini chalices are too cute! Thank you for the Meyer lemon roll love and I will be checking out your new Pinterest boards this evening :).

  2. omigosh that moose mousse cake is SOOOO CUTE! and yeah that brioche almond ring…yuuuummm

  3. OMg!! Just simply gorgeous!! I can stare at these pics for hours!!

  4. I just love your photos ๐Ÿ™‚