Weekend Things

Why, hello, there! And… happy, happy Sunday!

This past month has simply flown by, yes? Seriously… over eight weeks have elapsed since Amsterdam. Since Paris! *cries*

While on the subject of travel…

I am, at the moment, attempting to persuade my father into organizing a little trip. To Iceland. 

Because, Iceland.

If I am successful there will be many ‘yay!’s and ‘thank you!’s and photographs (post-icy-adventure). (But… no pressure, dad. Okay?)

Shall we move on to life and links?

On Instagram: This week’s Instagram favorites, of mine:

Bev Weidner: Bev’s day-to-day feed is utterly adorable. Completely, and absolutely, and wholly, and entirely adorable. Oh, what more is there to say? I mean…

Amanda Jane Jones: I stumbled upon Amanda’s Instagram account quite some time ago, and ah, I am ever so glad that I did. Her sweet daughter is just darling, and I heart her design work.

Sara Parsons: Sara’s delightful, daily images are perfection. I so admire her photography.

My Life: Just everyday happenings…

  • My father and two younger brothers are currently in Europe. The Netherlands, and Germany, to be precise. I may be just a teeny bit jealous. Maybe. (Um, Jake and Jack… you’re not invited to Iceland. So there.)
  • My mother and I are very much enjoying our time without the pesky boys – and their deafening video games. We have watched a number of documentaries and movies, and yesterday bathed our two cuddly ‘lil shih-tzus (Toby, my loyal baby, and Mabel, our very hyper six-month-old puppy).
  • Friday evening I discovered Bengal Cats. The gorgeousness! Need. (Truly, though, I am a dog shih-tzu person at heart.)

Around the Web: Bits and pieces from the internet!

Oh, I just adore these hot chocolate swirl buns. So much yum. ~ Pretty-pretty DIY dipped coat hangers. ~ Ahh, what lovely photographs! *Swoons* ~Best. News. Ever. (and cake! hurrah!) ~ Serious GIF love. ~ Squee! Cuteness overload! ~ If only I could write as Beth does. It is magic.

Wishing you a wonderful week!



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2 comments on “Weekend Things”

  1. What lovely, lovely blossoms! Oh Iceland – what an adventure that would be. Crossing my fingers for you ;).