I Heart You: A Sweet & Simple Valentine Craft

I just adore Valentines Day, simply because… all the pink!

Ooh, and the pretty-pretty flowers. They’re quite lovely.

Now… shall we discuss Valentines crafting? I think so.

I can vividly recall my first experience with handmade Valentine cards – I was in the third grade, nine years old, or so. Though I was a fairly artistic child, creating original Valentines for my classmates had never occurred to me.  And then… I happened upon a FamilyFun Magazine treat idea, one involving bubblegum pink card stock, Jolly Rancher Lollipops (the best kind of lollipops), and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. My elementary school life was forever changed.

Although I no longer attend classes, I decided to make a number of Valentines this year… my fourth-grade brother is grateful, since he now doesn’t have to go through the trouble himself. (After all, in his opinion, video games > crafts.)

So! Now comes the part where I explain these cute little cards to you. (Detailed instructions can be found below.)

I played around in Photoshop for a while this past weekend, putting together the image visible above (and those below, as well). Then, I printed the one with a white background out onto 35 4×6 sheets of lilac card stock. That seemingly random space towards the top of the card? Yep… it is indeed intentional. I chose to set Valentine stickers there, but ribbon would be just darling, too. Finally, place a heart shaped chocolate candy (such as these) atop each of the ‘Hearts’. I recommend using either hot glue or tape to stick them down.

And… ta da! A perfectly simple & sweet treat for kids, friends, teachers, etc. (Click Here if you’d like to see a visual. I opted against sharing one on the blog – poor photo quality – but you can check it out on my Twitter page.)

Ooh! Ooh! And… you can save/print your own for free below, or in the Lace & Lilacs Shop!

[cft format=0]

xoxo (and tons of hearts!)

– Abby


print and/or save any or all of the following images: 

ABC Valentine CraftPurple



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4 comments on “I Heart You: A Sweet & Simple Valentine Craft”

  1. What a sweet craft idea! Handmade Valentine cards are the absolute best, I think!

    • Thanks so much, Laura! I love making cards myself and seeing people’s reactions to them. It makes the gift-giving experience so much more special 🙂