my absolute favorite sweet treats & desserts (featuring a mini recipe for chocolate bark)

Happy, Happy Monday, Everyone!

Let’s discuss sweet treats (and sprinkle-y chocolate bark!), shall we?

Below you’ll find an itty-bitty roundup of my absolute favorite dessert recipes… ooh, and special sugary surprise.

Enjoy! xx (pictured above: classic hot chocolate)

peanut butter cake

Ah, peanut butter & dark chocolate & cake. Is there a trio of words yummier than this in existence?

I think not.

So… let’s discuss this palatable, oh-so-sweet treat, now, shall we? (continue reading here)

coconut oil chocolate chip cookies

These coconut oil chocolate chips cookies are an absolute favorite recipe of mine. They bake up so perfectly, and the flavor is simply extraordinary. (continue reading here)

pear breakfast cake

Sunday morning consists of peace, recreation, and, of course, cake. A breakfast cake, bursting with palatable chunks of fresh, ripe pear, a breakfast cake with subtle hints of autumnal spices present in each savored bite, a breakfast cake with a satisfying crunch that the generous sprinkling of turbinado sugar provides. A breakfast cake. Wonderful, in all respects. (continue reading here)

autumn-inspired muffins

Shall we discuss muffins, now? I think yes.

In spite of this particular recipe’s title, it is indeed suitable for all seasons – not just fall in particular. The bold cinnamon flavor inspired me to title the muffins, well – “autumn-inspired”, as I myself tend to associate such tastes with colorful gourds, deciduous trees, etc. (continue reading here)

my mother’s favorite tea

Now, what accompanies poetry better than a piping hot mug of… tea! The ‘recipe’, of sorts, below is my mother’s preferred beverage for a chilly winter day. I prepare it for her often, typically before our daily morning walk.

If you are not currently in the habit of drinking tea, why not give this a try? I think you might just love it. (continue reading here)

chocolate frosting

Hmmm, I suppose none of what I rambled on about above has much to do with this delicious, chocolatey goodness. It’s time to remedy that, yes? (continue reading here)

Ah, and now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for …  an utterly simple chocolate bark. Yay!

This sweet & simple recipe is ideal for homemade gifting. I hope you love it!

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– Abby

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13 comments on “my absolute favorite sweet treats & desserts (featuring a mini recipe for chocolate bark)”

  1. Love this! Your chocolate bark looks so cute with the sprinkles, and all those sweet treats look too yummy.

  2. Your chocolate bark looks so festive, I love the sprinkles!

  3. What a swirly chocolate and sprinkle dream!

  4. In LOVE with your photography. Just found your blog through ButterandBrioche. That chocolate bark looks legendary.

    • Thanks so much, Trisha! I just visited your blog, and your photos are amazing 🙂
      Butter and Brioche is such a lovely space, right? And I adore that chocolate bark recipe. Sprinkles are the best!! <3 😀

  5. OH MY GOSH, how did I miss this?! That chocolate bark looks PERFECT. The picture is absolutely gorgeous, and those sprinkles are just darling!

    • Thanks so much, Michelle!! This means so much coming from you… you’re such a talented baker & photographer. I’m still in awe over your latest post! <3 😀

  6. So much comforting deliciousness here! Love these dreamy images and winter-perfect recipes. That pear cake!

  7. So lovely recipe! I want to make it this weekend