lovely little things: blooms, blue, & a brown sugar treat (recipe: vegan caramel)

Happy Sunday (Funday), Friends!

This past week simply flew by. An utter blur, oh my. (those two sentences rhyme, hence the odd ‘oh my’ in the second line.)

Anyways, I have lovely little things to discuss. Let’s begin, shall we?

1) Chandler Bing-wersen

I am in desperate need of a third shih-tzu… one can never have enough of these sweet little babies. While on the way to the market with my mother yesterday evening, my mind wandered to Friends (as it so often does). “Chandler should be the name of our next puppy!” I exclaimed. A moment later I realized that Bing + Ingwersen = Bing-wersen. Chandler Bing-wersen. It was meant to be. (Now to convince my parents to adopt another fur-baby…)

2) Mabel Wabel

Ooh, remember Princess Mabel? Our little sweetie is nearly nine months old, and oh, she’s quite the troublemaker. Currently, her absolute favorite ‘chew-toys’ include shoes, headphones, (soft pink!) yarn, and my white, wooden headboard. (Never mind our ever-growing collection of squeaky toys and tennis balls… those just aren’t entertaining enough for Her Majesty.)

3) Scrapbooking

Several weeks ago I began scrapbooking photographs, tickets, brochures, etc. from my numerous 2014 travels. I scanned a few pages to share on Lace & Lilacs in the near-future… they are nothing extraordinary, but I like to archive my memories in this little space, so that if I were to misplace them in the future they wouldn’t truly be lost.

4) The Minions Movie

Oh, goodness. This trailer. I can’t even handle the cute.

5) Crocheting

Ah, though I have given crocheting my best effort it is too difficult for me to pursue… without an instructor, that is. Mabel certainly hasn’t been much help – last Friday she discovered my stash of (soft pink) yarn. You can imagine what happened next.

Hopefully I’ll be able to locate a teacher sometime over the course of this year. First, though, I’m focusing on finding a photography class to participate in. That handmade (soft pink) blanket for my room may just have to wait. Sigh.

6) Vegan Caramel Sauce

And now… the lovely little thing you’ve all been waiting for (and possibly the sole reason why you’re reading this post)… caramel! Thick, gooey, sugary-sweet, and vegan! Serve this delicious, three-ingredient treat over ice cream, or perhaps atop a yummy homemade pie. It also pairs particularly well with apple slices. Enjoy!

(The ‘blooms’ and ‘blue’ mentioned in the title of this post refer to the two images of pink flowers & blue sky above. I shot these photos in September with my Canon’s kit lens. The film photograph of the caramel sauce was taken with a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.)

Recipe time!

[cft format=0]

Have a wonderful week, everyone. xx

– Abby

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8 comments on “lovely little things: blooms, blue, & a brown sugar treat (recipe: vegan caramel)”

  1. pupppiiiies!

    and you’re so awesome with all the things you do!

    and…ya know…YOU MADE VEGAN CARAMEL-that’s fantastic!

  2. Vegan caramel sauce sounds divine, what a treat to spoon over ice cream!

  3. The first photo is so pretty! xo

  4. Bookmarking this for later! Love a vegan caramel recipe that doesn’t require a thermometer ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yay! Thanks for the comment, Medha!

      I just visited your site… so cool that you’re also a teen blogger. Can’t wait to see your little space grow!! That recipe you just posted looks amazing, by the way. love!

      And the thermometer thing… yah. I hate messing with ’em, so this recipe is a total go-to of mine.