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~ thoughts ~

  • Happy, happy Wednesday, all! I can scarcely believe that today is March 4th… 2015 is flying by. Ah, anyways, what have you been up to this month? I finished reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (for the fourth or fifth time) yesterday, and am still suffering from an awful book hangover. I really ought to stop re-reading it… but gosh, I love that story so, so much. Hopefully Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirlย will help me forget about the Nolans (Spoiler:ย Why does Johnny have to die? Why?)… for the time being, at least. (My full list of 2015 reads can be found here! And for those of you curious…why, yes, yes I have already begun creating a 2016 list. So many amazing books, so little time.)
  • I shot the photographs above several weeks ago, at my younger brother’s best friend’s house. (I hope that made sense). The itty bitty 19-month-old in the images is baby G, my brother’s best friend’s brother. (I hope that made sense, as well.) Isn’t he the cutest? When G awoke and saw me snapping his photo, he was in absolute shock – it was utterly adorable. I attempted to introduce myself (he hadn’t seen me for quite some time, and had most-likely forgotten me), but then he began to cry rather loudly for his mama… and I quickly exited the room to find his mother (who had already heard the deafening screams and was well on her way up the stairs). Two days ago I babysat him and seriously, he’s the sweetest toddler ever. If only I could trade either Jake or Jack (preferably both!) for this little guy…
  • Things I’ve Been Up to Lately: Attempting to teach myself French (I’ll be hiring a tutor shortly. Because languages are hard.), Photographing tea, Experimenting with yeast, Reading (see thoughts above), Watching That ’70s Show (Kelso), Pinning, Finally taking the first steps toward obtaining a driver permit/license.
  • Now… it’s link-love time!

~ links ~


– Abby

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8 comments on “lovely little things: photographs. thoughts. links.”

  1. Cute, Abby! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gorgeous photos! That lighting is just so stunning. <3

  3. What a cutie, his curls remind me of a cherub!