Paris, France (March 2015)

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Why, Hello There, & Happy May!

Let’s discuss Paris for a moment, yes? Or perhaps I should instead say… oui?

As longtime readers of Lace & Lilacs are most-likely aware, Paris is my absolute favorite city. In the whole, wide world. I have shared a total of two posts on this lovely place in the past, both detailing the few days I spent there this past November (hopefully my photography has improved slightly since then… Maybe? No? Alright.).

I’ll be spending quite a bit (read: a lot!) of time here in the near-future, and may just devote an entire category to France in this little space of mine. We shall see… specifics are soon to come.

Until then – here is a miniature collection of tips, recommendations, & more for those of you traveling to Paris this summer (or for people who enjoy reading travel blogs – I heart them, myself.).

  • In my opinion, Montmartre has some of the best restaurants & cafes in the city. Of course, it helps that the entire district is so darn cute. I highly recommend the macarons & other sweets at this place:
  • I’m sure you’re aware of the pickpocketing situation in Paris, but here’s yet another warning: Because Montmartre is such a popular destination with tourists, it is packed with dishonest people. Hold on tight to your wallet & belongings, don’t wear a backpack, and do not under any circumstance allow a stranger to “help” you buy metro tickets.

  • By the Jardin du Luxembourg there’s a sweet ‘lil cafe that sells large (read: gigantic!) muffins in a variety of yummy flavors… though the coffee my mother ordered wasn’t particularly good (I didn’t try it, though, so don’t take my word for that).
  • Crêpes! Crêpes are widely available throughout the city, and the majority of them are utterly fantastic. Take away crêpe stands are typically the tastiest (and walking around with a crêpe is so much fun!). They prepare them in front of you… How incredible is that? Oh, and pretty, pretty please don’t purchase them pre-made. Fresh is always ideal. Nutella-banana is a personal fave, but you can’t go wrong with any of the filling choices. It’s a fact.

My mother accompanied me on this March 2015 trip, as opposed to my father (who I traveled with in the autumn of 2014). She hadn’t visited Paris previously, and we had the most wonderful time exploring the French capitol together. Where did we go, you ask? Here’s a convenient little list:

 Arc de Triomphe

(we climbed all the stairs to the top)

The Louvre

(the mona lisa & venus de milo were highlights)


(my mother attended mass while I wandered about montmartre)

Jardin du Luxembourg

(we strolled here for nearly an hour – it was beautiful;serene)

Notre Dame

(…is so insanely stunning)

We also stopped by the Eiffel Tower, Place de la Bastille, etc…. Quite some time has passed and I can scarcely remember. Ah, well… I’ll be back soon! 

Hearts! I have a number of new travel adventures to share with you over the course of the coming months… stay tuned.



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10 comments on “Paris, France (March 2015)”

  1. Paris is such a classic city! You captured it wonderfully in your photography 🙂 (next time we need a photo of the Nutella-banana crepes, deal? 😉 )

  2. Such stunning photos, Paris is sheer beauty! 🙂

  3. You are SOOO very lucky! We live in Sydney which is pretty amazing itself, but one day we hope to call Paris our second home. Gorgeous photos…

    • Thank you so much, Martyna! I haven’t been to Sydney since I was a toddler… hopefully I’ll make it back sometime soon. 😀

  4. You will probably not believe me but I haven’t got to Paris, yet. I had some opportunities over the last years but I don’t know how, I missed them all. Anyway I plan going to Paris this autumn.