Portraits of Melissa + Links

I photographed my lovely friend Melissa about a week or so ago, and am quite pleased with how the images turned out. Portraits are a photo genre that I haven’t much experience with yet, but it’s quickly becoming my absolute favorite one.

Below you’ll find heaps of pictures, along with links to things I recently discovered and totally heart on the web. Have a wonderful day, friends! Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers, okay?

Link ♥s: Part One

Link ♥s: Part Two

Link ♥s: Part Three

  • Flowers. Always, Flowers.
  • This engagement shoot is the cutest! I must incorporate swings into my next portrait session, somehow…
  • I am so not a cat person. But this! Those ears!
  • This story. The photos!
  • OMG. I want s’more. (And Adrianna mentions Clueless in the post. Which is amazing.)

Link ♥s: Part Four

That’s all for today, folks. I’ve been especially busy lately, but do have quite a few posts to share with you throughout the weeks to come. Travel guides, lovely little inspiration features, & more… oh, and I’ve several *new* projects in the works, as well… more on these later.


– Abby

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11 comments on “Portraits of Melissa + Links”

  1. such lovely pictures!

  2. Such pretty portraits, I love the mood and lighting!

  3. great post! these portrait photos are just lovely!

  4. These turned out so well and I’m inspired! I’m really into photography but I’m still at that experimental stage. I think I do best with taking close-up shots of…nothing in particular really. Just artsy-ness, or an attempt at it. Because some people on campus know me for being a shutterbug, one of my senior friends asked me to take her senior portrait, and another friend asked me to take portraits of her dance team, and it was really nervewracking! Not all photography is the same, but I don’t think many people get that 😛 I definitely need more practice. I guess I’ll do some more of it when I’m back on campus 🙂 Also, thanks for linking that Steller story! I finally downloaded the app 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thanks so much! I love your photography, Audrey! But yep… not all photography is the same, that’s for sure. And yaaay, you downloaded Steller! I’ll have to follow you 🙂

  5. Pretty girl! these photos are stunning