The Grand Palace (Bangkok, Thailand)

Happy, Happy Friday, Friends!

As many of you are aware, my family and I took a brief trip to Thailand this past April. We spent merely a day in Bangkok, and decided to stroll around the Grand Palace during the limited time we had. The afternoon was sweltering; muggy, humid, just boiling. In other words, my absolute least favorite sort of weather. Jake and Jack slurped ice cold coconut beverages to beat the heat, while I opted for plain, chilled water. We then walked about the massive complex, taking in the extraordinary architecture and vibrant sights.

I should warn those of you heading here in the near future: there is a very, very strict dress code for the place. You will not be allowed inside the walls if you’re wearing immodest clothing (such as tank tops, see-through garments, etc.). Proper garb can be purchased there, however, if you’re denied entry, as a friend of my parents’ was.

There is so very much to see within the palace; it’s nearly impossible to drop by everything in a single day. The structures are dazzling and vivid… though I by far prefer European architecture, I must say, this spot truly is magical. The bright details are insanely intricate and from up close, they are breathtaking.

The palace is divided into three distinct zones (the outer, middle, and inner courts), and each hosts unique attractions of their own. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, for example, is located within the Outer Court. It is Thailand’s most sacred sculpture of Buddha, and absolutely must be seen.

Hmmm, I suppose that is just about it, as far as my rambles go.

Sending Hearts! I’ll be back quite soon.

xx Abby

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10 comments on “The Grand Palace (Bangkok, Thailand)”

  1. Such beautiful photography Abby! Sounds and looks like an amazing trip!
    Xx Lucy-Claire // Sunny Days and Lovely Ways

  2. These photos are so stunning! Oof I can imagine the heat. It must make it difficult to find light, breathable clothing that’s also modest. But I think it’s really cool how they sell proper garb there so that you’re not stranded outside ๐Ÿ˜› -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. Wow! This place looks so amazing. I love all the small details you see like, everywhere. The photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Stunning photos!! I will definitely remember the modesty tips for the future.

    Melody |

  5. Beautiful photos, you captured the detail perfectly!