lovely little inspiration: bec of daisy and the fox on life in london, blogging, & more

Bec of Daisy and the Fox

Bec of Daisy and the Fox

Hi-Hi Everyone!

Today I am so, so very excited to feature the ah-mazing Bec from Daisy and the Fox here on Lace & Lilacs! Bec is a lovely baker/photographer/person/friend that I’ve ‘known’ through blogging for several years now, and I’m just thrilled that she agreed to participate in a ‘lil interview here today.

Without further ado… the interview!

1) When and why did you begin blogging? Was there something or someone in particular that inspired you?

After watching Julie and Julia the movie (I have a crazy love for movies involving food), I finally new how I could share my love of cooking with more than just the people at home. So I began blogging around 4 years ago, with a blog called ‘The Foodies Voyage’ and well, that quickly fizzled, and I just left the whole thing for a year or so. In my final year at school, I had a new energy and was super keen to get my blog back up and running, this time with a new name (Daisy and the Fox) and a new excitement to create better content and improve my photography.

2) Sooo, you recently moved from Australia to London, Bec! Why did you select that particular city, and what are you currently doing there?

As much as I would’ve loved to spend time in Italy or France, London is English speaking which was a huge tick. I knew after deferring my uni course I wanted to travel but also live overseas to see the world and get some life experience. London for me had all the opportunities I was looking for, culture, plenty to see and do, (I’d never visited before), close to Europe, my dad lived there for 2 years and after hearing all his stories I was dying to go. I am currently working as a nanny and a barista in a cafe! Where my food dream is actually beginning to come together! I’ve been asked to provide baked goods and food for the cafe being supported as my own independent business!! Under the name ‘Daisy and the Fox’ which I’m am beyond excited about!

By Bec | Daisy and the Fox

By Bec | Daisy and the Fox

By Bec | Daisy and the Fox

By Bec | Daisy and the Fox

3) Do you have a favorite post on your blog? If so, what is it?

My favorite blog post would have to be… (Boy, this is like picking my fave child, because each post is a result of effort, love with a fragment of myself in it) but if I had to pick, I’m leaning towards the ‘Apple and Blueberry Hazelnut deep dish pie‘ because that was one of my favourite shoots to do (florals, rustic, even overalls feature in one favorite shot! Woo) and it really encapsulates all flavours I adore! (But that’s also the same with everything else I post 😛 ) and it was absolute heaven to devour it as I edited the photos, oh the perks.

4) How do you typically prepare for a) a food photo shot and b) street photography?

A) Before most shoots, I tend to have a vague image in my head of what look and vibe I want, and then cross every finger I have for an overcast cloudy day (ultimate shooting conditions). Then I bake/cook up a storm… And a mess… And tend to set up my back drops and ‘scene’ while the food is cooking, where I tend to go for the rutic look, and adjusting my props based on the colour, texture and size of the food. Then it’s full stream ahead as I tinker and play around with the look and style of the food, where it generally takes well over an hour until I can stop! I could go all day (that is if the sun remained in the perfect condition… In an ideal world).

B) For street photography, I just walk around with the camera round my neck, and whip it out, whenever a picture moment comes up! I love capturing the natural movement of people, cooking and life, so I love just taking pictures of movement, objects and people as it is. The authenticity is the beauty! Keeping reallll, always.

5) A few just-for-fun questions! What is your favorite… color? book? tv show? movie? place to travel to?

My favorite colour is blue (sky blue if we’re going for specifics). My favorite book hmmmm either Dan Brown’s books, or, for the sake of my childhood obsession, Harry Potter series. That’s it. I’ve said it.
TV show is ‘Friends’ without a doubt in mind (can definitely quote every, single episode. I have a life I swear). For movies, as a rom com kinda gal, I gotta say: ‘Love Actually’, ‘Notting Hill’, ‘The Holiday’, and all existing culinary movies (‘the hundred food journey’).
And travel! I’ve been to Italy twice, and I seriously adore that country, the food, culture, history, just cannot get enough.

By Bec | Daisy and the Fox

By Bec | Daisy and the Fox

6) Do you have any tips for prop shopping?

I have the biggest prop obsession. Seriously. It almost killed me to leave all my babies back in Melbourne. But the good news is I get to rebuild it again in London! So I’m currently hitting up all the charity shops, antique markets (best vintage finds) and always keeping my eyes peeled at some kitchen shops (I am obsessed with enamel right now). Also, other then plates and cutlery, building up a mini collection of fabrics, and using them in photos helps to add colour, set the mood, binds the photo together, and helps us to cast our eye over the full finished photo. You can find scrap material at charity shops too! You’ll start to realise the style of pieces you love most, and even now for me, seeing a beautiful plate inspires dishes!

7) What advice would you give to someone just beginning their a) photography and b) blogging journeys?

A) My main rules of thumb for photography that I live by are: natural lighting (by the window), backdrops (whether that be wood, white, blue etc), props and applying simple rules of photography like rule of three and composition.
B) The great thing about blogging is that it is very personal and individual which gives you so much area to be creative and individual. Stick to writing and posting what you love, and it sounds corny I know, but be true to who you are.
The great thing about photography and blogging is that you can create your own style, and be truly authentic to who you are.
And overall, just know that it’s a growing progress, you learn as you go, what works for you, your favorite style and all that- just enjoy the journey!

Thanks for responding to these questions, Bec! I totally adore your gorgeous blog… which you know, of course. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this inspiration installment. I’ve been insanely busy, as of late, but will have more to share with you soon.

xx Abby

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6 comments on “lovely little inspiration: bec of daisy and the fox on life in london, blogging, & more”

  1. Lovely interview Abby, and so nice to learn a little more about Bec and her blogging style and photography tips! London sounds like so much fun – it just cements how much I want to take a year of uni and travel sometime soon! 🙂

  2. Bec is so talented, I’m so glad you featured her here – I’m always inspired by her photography!

  3. I haven’t really explored photographing with props, which is why I mostly photograph things in their natural state when I’m out and about. I’d really like to experiment with props though! The only thing is that I’m in college now, so I need to pack up my things for storage every summer, which makes me very conscious of clutter :S -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Hahah, I totally know what you mean as far as storage, Audrey! Not fun to deal with…. :/
      I’ve found that while some props are fun and add a lot to photos, too many can make things look cluttered…especially with food shots. But Bec has found the PERFECT balance and her pictures are amazing. 😀