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Hi-Hi, Lovelies!

This morn we’ll be discussing college style, a topic I’m quite sure many of you consider relevant. The collection of images featured below are intended to serve as  outfit inspiration for the upcoming semester. I do hope you enjoy scrolling through them! (All images link to the same/similar pictured items.)

Now… for a few ‘lil ideas/hearts:

1) I’ve been particularly fond of black and white lately, as I suppose you can tell from the photographs in this post. 😉 Skirts such as this one have become wardrobe staples of mine. They’re cute, comfortable, affordable, and pair well with nearly any sweater or blouse.

2) As far as shoes go, flats are my favorite! This style is utterly perfect for September, before the cool weather arrives and boots are necessary.

3) Now, I adore socks. Adore, adore them. Though patterns are lovely, solids tend to go with nearly everything, and are ideal for class. These, for instance? Love.

4) Other items worth investing in? Black and white striped tops and dresses (of course!), a versatile, neutral cardigan, a classy denim skirt or pair of jeans, and elegant riding boots.

Now, for those photos I mentioned… 🙂

Lovely Little Things

Lovely Little Things



Have a lovely day, all, and be sure to check out, as well as the juniors clothing department at your local target.




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