A Happy List


…and a ‘lil collection of analog beach photographs

Bonjour, lovelies! These past few days have been utterly beautiful, and I cannot believe that my time here in sunny California is already rapidly coming to a close. I have a guide on my seaside hometown in the works at the moment (finally…after four years of blogging) and am quite looking forward to sharing it soon. Until then, I have a ‘happy list’ prepared for you all. Cider with Rosie was the inspiration for this post (must give credit where credit is due!)… I just adore her ’10 things that’ve made me happy this week!’ series. I doubt these will become a weekly feature of mine (I’m busy as a bee, usually), but perhaps I’ll create them every so often from now on. Our world needs far more beauty and kindness and love. Happiness can be all of these things… we mustn’t forget the little wonders in our everyday environments and live in fear of the ‘bigger picture’. I’ve been far too caught up with disappointment and negativity lately… it is time for this to change. L O V E one another, always. ♥

Now, for a few things that have made me happy lately…

  • My latest Modcloth order arrived this afternoon and I am so very thrilled about it! I adore every piece of clothing I carefully selected from the online shop, but the item that has my heart is (wait for it…) a popsicle-patterned skirt. I am in love and simply cannot wait to shoot it for you all! I intend to ASAP, when/if I have an hour or two to spare. Popsicles. Summer. Cuteness. Photographs coming soon.



  • I received a number of developed analog images back from the photo lab yesterday… these are especially-special and near-and-dear to me because they are shots from my mini-visit to Hollywood, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, & Venice Beach last week. Their summery vibe is the best-est. I absolutely cannot wait to share.
  • Purchasing astronaut ice cream for my friend… who had previously never-ever-ever had it? Or even heard of it? How? This sweet de-hydrated treat was a major highlight of the many trips my family took to Air & Space museums throughout my childhood… from San Diego to Washington D.C., my totally-awesome parents always allowed my baby brothers and I to indulge in the ice cream that ‘astronauts actually ate in space!’.
  • Watching movies with my mother… though the horror films prior to bedtime may not have been the best, most well-thought-out idea. 😉 So far, together we have seen… Neighbors 1 & 2, The Interview, Silver Linings Playbook, The Exorcist, Single White Female, and about half of both Baby Mama Amélie. Mom and I may not have very much in common, but when it comes to the important things in life (like movies, duh) we are wholly on the same page.
  • 30 Rock & Tina Fey. This comedy show is complete perfection. Like… Friends-level perfection. The writing is too excellent. I can’t even. Tina Fey is a genius, period.




  • At long last, I have begun to catch up on my Bloglovin’ feed! I would be that person commenting on posts from three to four months ago. Oof. (But it is so worth it, because blog-reading is invariably a rewarding, relaxing experience, and I love leaving little notes on all that inspires me or fills my heart with joy).
  • Keeping up with friends’ summer travels and adventures via Snapchat. I miss them so, but I just love catching glimpses of their wonderful holidays.
  • My lovely new Cath Kidston suitcase. ‘Tis floral-patterned. Enough said. J’adore.
  • The Jungle Book movie currently in theaters… it is phenomenal. Entirely and utterly phenomenal. And though I watch many movies, this I state about very, very few. Pretty please go see it. You will not regret it, I pinky-promise.
  • I must admit, I have not yet read as much I’d promised myself I would this summer… photo-taking, beach days, shopping excursions, French-studying and more continue to eat up all my time, leaving very little space for a novel or two. One hilarious book, however, had me up page-turning and giggling late into the night: Stuff Parisians Like. If you are a Francophile or Francophone of any sort… I have a feeling you’ll just adore it. Discover the quoi in the je ne sais quoi!
  • Jell-O pudding snacks. (I know. I won’t even expand on this point. But they’re yummy, okay?)



  • This is a bittersweet-sort-of-happy: you see, my babies (shih-tzus Toby and Mabel) are having puppies! Adorable shih-tzu puppies rolling around our home with their irresistible cuteness for a few months? Yes, please! But… but, but, but. I am leaving home in two weeks and will not return until December, if even then (we shall see; I’ve made no definite plans yet). So. I will not be able to hold or snuggle with these puppies. But there will be puppies! So happiness! Mostly.
  • This TED Talk on how to learn any language in six months. Basically, totally incredible and oh-so inspiring. I can do this! You can do this! We can all be bilingual, babes!
  • I’ve created an Instagram account devoted to sharing my personal style. If you would like to follow along, pretty please do! We can ooh and ahh over pretty clothes together, yay!
  • Currently: organizing a trip to Rome with my mother in August. So excited. So, so excited. I have not been to this Italian city in nearly a decade. ‘Tis crazy how time flies by.
  • A new cafe discovery: yay, yay, yay! This one is kinda-insanely awesome. The Succulent Cafe. As the name implies, this cafe is an outdoor succulent oasis. There are succulents everywhere. EVERYWHERE. The atmosphere is cozy and laid back and downright delightful. It is cuter than you could possibly imagine, I am sure.



  • Strolls along our local pier. I cannot get enough of these walks… the turquoise, crashing waves, the charming pelicans, the view of the vibrant seashore… So much love.

And last, but not least…

I hope you enjoyed the above photos, all. California is too gorgeous.

Sending hearts,

Abby ♥

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18 comments on “A Happy List”

  1. Oh Abby, I adore this post! It totally brightened my day! Your photos are beautiful. Makes me really want to take advantage of where I live and capture some beautiful moments like these. I love 30 Rock as well! Have you ever watched Parks and Rec? That’s another fav of mine! It’s brilliant!


    • Aww, thanks so much, Abby! Your comment made my day. I just know you could capture some gorgeous photos where you live. We always forget to take advantage of what we have don’t we??
      And seriously, 30 Rock is AMAZING. Ooh, and I have watched Parks & Rec! Every season! It’s just as incredible… I’m constantly on the search for new comedy series to watch so let me know if you come across anything fab in the future. I might be a little *too* TV obsessed. 😉

  2. I can’t wait to see your popsicle skirt! // omg my brothers and I thought astronaut ice cream was the COOLEST thing when we were little! We’d never leave a science museum without a pack 😛 // Haha I was finally able to catch up with my Bloglovin’ feed once I got off for summer break. Now I’m catching up with blogs daily, for the most part 😀 It’s nice to sit down and slowly read through five posts every day rather than sit down for hours and read tens and tens of blog posts. // I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed The Jungle Book so much! The Disney version was so problematic so I’m kind of nervous for this one, but I’m sure it’s at the very least a very beautiful film! I’ll check it out eventually 🙂 // omg that cafe seems perfect -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Hahah, I photographed it yesterday and can’t wait to share! // Isn’t it just the best?? Neapolitan = heart eyes emojis for days // Oh, jealous! I am SO, SO behind. I’m certain there are some posts I’ll never get to… sad face. // The original Disney animated Jungle Book was never my favorite, so I was surprised to have loved this new version so much. // And IT TOTALLY IS!

  3. Love all of these! Can’t wait for the guide to your town or to see the new popsicle skirt! Yay for family time and awesome tv and movies!

    and omigosh whaaaa astronaut ice cream?? I’ve never had that either!

  4. Beautiful pictures and post! I can’t wait to see the Jungle Book movie! I also adore 30 Rock, it’s so funny.


  5. I love these dreamy beach photos! And puppies?! I can hardly stand it… oh I hope you’ll post photos of them, somehow!

    • Thanks, Laura! And I know! My family will certainly send me heaps and heaps of videos so I’ll share somehow. Though it’ll be torture to watch the vids and not be able to hug and play with the puppies. 🙁

  6. Oh my I am excited to see the Popsicle skirt. I love quirky clothing like that. And modcloth is just the best, isn’t it?
    Cute post! I totally agree about the Jungle Book, I want to go see it again 🙂 Also, beautiful photos!
    Julia | http://juliainbluhm.blogspot.com

  7. I love ALL of this. And, I can’t help but say, THESE PHOTOS ARE THE MOST GORGEOUS THINGS I’VE LAID EYES UPON. Maybe I’m a little biased (because of my love for the beach and my obsession with California), but I mean it with all my heart. xx Laura

  8. I love reading posts like it! 😀 Looking forward to seeing your popsicle skirt. I had never heard of astronaut ice cream before and a quick Google search made me actually want to try it. But it’s not even cold! How can ice cream not be, you know, ICED? It blows my mind.

    Also absolutely adore your photos – they give California a whole different vibe!
    (PS. I snorted at the funny tweet at the end.)

    • Thanks, Olivia! You must try astronaut ice cream, like, IMMEDIATELY. It’s similar to freeze dried fruit… but instead of being healthy and fruity it’s ICE CREAM. Amazingness.
      (and I know that tweet is EVERYTHING) <3 xoxo

  9. THESE. PHOTOS. OH. MY. GOSH. I want to live in them. And I enjoyed your list, as always. xx Laura