100 Things That Make Me Happy


I began composing the very first draft of this post over a year ago, in an attempt to consciously recognize the itty-bitty moments of everyday life that I enjoy. So often we get caught up over the ‘big things’, assuming, and perhaps even believing, that only a hefty paycheck, the perfect romantic partner, or that fancy-schmancy new car will bring us true happiness, which simply isn’t the case.

So. Below are one-hundred (for lack of a better word) ‘things’ that light me up. Enjoy… and I would love to hear a few of yours. ♥

a ‘lil list of 100 random things that make me smile

  1. Winning giant stuffed animals on the boardwalk
  2. Poetry
  3. Fresh flowers
  4. Pretty calendars
  5. Cute little kids
  6. Antique shops
  7. Fuzzy socks
  8. Shih-tzus
  9. Pastel colors
  10. Cancelled appointments or plans (usually)
  11. Rainy days
  12. The ocean
  13. An entertaining tv show
  14. Decorating
  15. Online shopping
  16. Journaling
  17. A space heater during the winter months
  18. Elmo (on Sesame Street)
  19. Balloons
  20. Songs by Ingrid Michaelson
  21. Cute shoes
  22. Frilly ribbon
  23. Lush and Bath & Body Works
  24. Projects
  25. Office supplies
  26. Exploring cities
  27. Art museums
  28. Cozy sweaters
  29. Funny GIFs
  30. Meaningful conversations
  31. Receiving unexpected gifts
  32. Giving unexpected gifts
  33. Correctly pronouncing a French word
  34. Daydreaming
  35. Soft throw blankets
  36. Classic picture books
  37. Solving a math problem on the first try
  38. Starting a new book
  39. Morning strolls
  40. Good news
  41. Kind blog comments
  42. Christmas Eve
  43. Fireplaces
  44. Lace
  45. Snow globes
  46. Boy bands
  47. Pretty ceramics
  48. Quiet bookshops
  49. Heart & flower symbols and/or emojis (Ex: ♥ ✿ ♡)
  50. Crossing items off to-do lists
  51. Laughing
  52. Pretty fabrics
  53. Good hair days
  54. Forever 21
  55. City guides
  56. Publishing a new blog post
  57. Romantic comedies
  58. The Seine
  59. Collecting freshly developed photos/negatives
  60. VSCO Film
  61. When the metro is practically empty
  62. Tumblr
  63. Short lines
  64. Seeing the Eiffel Tower from afar
  65. Quiet
  66. Society6
  67. Cute illustrations
  68. Fairy lights
  69. When the metro train arrives at the absolute perfect time (as in, the second I enter the station)
  70. Selecting macaron flavors. Chocolat et vanille, s’il vous plaît.
  71. Pronouncing the French ‘r’ correctly
  72. Strolls through Montmartre
  73. Rainy evenings
  74. Comfy hotel bedding
  75. Managing to achieve ‘the perfect shot’
  76. Floral patterns
  77. Smooth, safe travel… uber, taxi, train, plane, etc.
  78. Wrapping gifts
  79. Decorating
  80. Doodling
  81. Making new friends
  82. Kind, genuine people
  83. When a favorite artist of mine releases a new album
  84. When someone complements my photographs
  85. Cath Kidston
  86. Taking itty-bitty videos on my iPhone
  87. When the vending machine at school is well-stocked with Coca Cola Light
  88. Early grey tea
  89. Conversations about the French language and culture
  90. Having my eyebrows threaded
  91. Online clothing sales
  92. When la poste delivers a package while I’m home… saving me a trip to the post office
  93. Dusty pink everything
  94. Coloring books
  95. Sleeping through a lengthy plane ride
  96. Receiving positive feedback from my instructors
  97. Black eyeshadow
  98. Traveling to new cities
  99. Candy from the UK
  100. Living life every day ♥

I hope you are having a beautiful day, friends. A week from today I’ll be well on my way to Rome! I am so, so excited!



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10 comments on “100 Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. Great things to be happy about! Oh.. good hair days…

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

  2. ahh this makes me so happy! And whenever you’re feeling a little down, you can come back to this list to find a pick-me-up :’) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. I love this long list of HAPPY!!!

  4. I relate to so many of these (especially quiet bookshops)! Great list and idea, Abby 🙂

  5. I love this, Abby! So many things on your list remind me of the small joys found in the midst of the day-to-day. From the ocean to starting a new book to pretty ceramics, I am with you! 🙂