If You Could Travel Anywhere…

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…where would you go?

Just imagine: having a total of thirty complete days to visit five beautiful destinations ’round the world. Which cities would you select to be apart of your ideal itinerary?

I myself adore questions such as these, being as taken with traveling as I am. But guess what, guess what? This daydream no longer has to be merely hypothetical: Radisson Blu hotels are offering a chance to win a trip around the world via their (crazy-amazing) Paper City game. Talk about the opportunity of a lifetime.

So… what five destinations would I myself choose? Before we begin chatting and dreaming, let’s enjoy a few ‘lil photos from past travels of mine, shall we?








Okay, by now we all ought to truly have a gorgeous destination or two (or five?) on the brain. I, of course, simply could not stop at just one list of lovely spots around the globe, so I created a total of two itineraries: one features places I would jump at the chance to return to, the other is comprised of cities I have never-ever been to and hope to someday explore. Longtime readers of mine will know which is which. 😉

where i would love to go…

[col2 break=’767′ gap=’1,8′ wrap_padd=’0,0′ align=’left’ valign=’top’][col]Sydney, Australia
Milan, Italy
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Edinburgh, Scotland
New York City, USA[/col][col]Reykjavik, Iceland
Marrakech, Morocco
Prague, Czech Republic
Athens, Greece
Vienna, Austria [/col][/col2]

Curious as to what the rooms in Radisson Blu hotels look like? Here’s a little sneak peek of their comfiness, followed by more photographs of my own.

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Okay, lovelies! Before you forget…

Click Here to take a peek at Radisson Blu’s Paper City and enter to win a trip around the world!

And be sure to tell me what cities you would love to visit at the moment. I love hearing about your dream travel destinations!

Dublin, Ireland


Best of luck, darlings! xoxo,

Abby ♥

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10 comments on “If You Could Travel Anywhere…”

  1. There are too many places I want to go; I couldn’t possibly choose a top few! Already from your list there are so many I’d love to visit as well 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


    I mean I want to see like all of Italy–especially Rome, Sicily, Venice, Florence….etc.

    I would also love to see Paris, and Barcelona, and Athens….and I suppose Dublin for Michael 😛

  3. This is a very good question… I want to go for a safari 😀

  4. I always want to go to Italy…. 😉

    I’d also love to go to France and Portugal!

  5. There are so many places I want to go to. But I supposed Greece and Amsterdam are on top of my list. 🙂 -Dems | Electrick Cities