Portraits of Carrie Anne

Lace & Lilacs

Lace & Lilacs

Lace & Lilacs

pretty in pink…

Hi-hi, friends! How are you on this lovely Thursday evening?

I’ve had quite a stressful week and am very much looking forward to a semi-relaxing weekend… I’ll most likely utilize the spare time to begin writing an essay of mine, but I can do so from the comfort of my adorable ‘lil apartment, at the very least.

Enough boring chit-chat, however… let’s discuss the images above, shall we? I photographed Carrie Anne several weeks ago (you may have already seen the polaroids!), and while the shoot amounted to just the few photos above (I blame the fact that I was fatigued and on the verge of a cold, which hit full-force within a day of taking these), they are some of my favorites from this semester thus far. The color scheme is just the prettiest, isn’t it? But you can never ever ever go wrong with pink, right?

Oooh, and today just happens to be Carrie Anne’s birthday! A complete coincidence… I actually intended to post these pictures on Monday but didn’t have the time… and what a wonderful one it is. So, happy, happy birthday to this beauty! Et bonne soirée to all you sweet readers.

Sending hearts!


♥ ♥ ♥

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8 comments on “Portraits of Carrie Anne”

  1. seriously…it’s like I just stepped into the 1960’s. I love it.

  2. Happy birthday to Carrie Anne! Loving that first shot 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. I love these blush hues, what gorgeous portraits dear! Her jacket is dreamy!

  4. Beautiful captures of a beautiful woman!