end-of-summer stuff (yes, I know it’s November…)

So, here we are! It’s just after 1pm on November fourth, I’m on my fifth(?) cup of coffee… don’t worry, I switched to decaf after the first two…, and I definitely just did not-as-well-as-I-would’ve-liked-to on my Spanish midterm. Oh well! Anyways, I’m currently drowning in work and sadness and coffee and what even IS daylight savings… like, it being dark at 5pm on my way to work? Just…so…not…okay. I’m struggling. In case that wasn’t already apparent.

I mean, it’s been a rough year. I came across the above photos, which were shot between late-July (Tour de France/Jake’s visit) and late August (post-USA travels) and honestly, I was feeling pretty down then, as well, despite the warm sunny days and company of my bestest friends. My mood of course didn’t stop me from documenting allll the things because… I am me, after all. Pictures are what I do when I don’t know what to do. Maybe especially then. So yeah. I took lots of photos and forgot I even had ’em. But look, I’m finally sharing them! In November, sure, but it’s never too late. Since, you know. This blog is a thing I do for me that literally no one else gives a shit about. Being insignifiant DOES have perks, seeeee.

I’ll probably write a super-duper long life-update (in order to organize all the totally incoherent thoughts I’ve been having this semester…) in December, over the holidays. Until then, just know I’m doing fine. Not great, but fine. Which is good enough for me.

Things pictured:

  • I went for a hella-long walk by myself in early August, on a humid overcast day. It felt really good. I took some pictures.
  • Jake came to hang out for a few days towards the end of July, like he does every year for the end of the Tour de France. It was nice to see him… Ash and I met him on the Champs-Elysées and we went to Starbucks. On the way home I got sick from the stifling heat in the metro and threw up my cold brew but we won’t talk about that mmmmkay?
  • Grindr is a LIFESTYLE.
  • Ash was living in Montmartre for a few months, I went up to visit him a handful of times. It’s cute there.
  • Brigette did a face mask, I swear… girl is a MODEL.
  • I bought my friends presents in the states. Notice the pink fluffy pen??
  • Briggy left a note on my bed to welcome me back. Or should I say… WELLcome me back. We’re never gonna let her forget this.

That’s all.

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4 comments on “end-of-summer stuff (yes, I know it’s November…)”

  1. Wow, drowning in work, sadness, and coffee… What. a. mood!!

    haha I totally embrace insignificance and am pretty relaxed about what I share on my blog as well 😛 <3

    The wellcome card was so sweet (and hilarious haha). I spy the socks as well :3

    omg Montmartre is such a charming neighbourhood. I would LOVE to live there

    • …right… and all my finals were advanced because of the metro strikes that are starting here in France early December… it’s a JOKE.
      My blog is like my personal diary that is actually totally public(?!). Sometimes I forget people read this…
      Right?! Brig is the CUTEST. And she LOVED those socks!
      Maybe you should just move? Just sayin’? 😉

  2. Gorgeous photos as always girl…and lots of tasty things I wish I got to eat lol