just a few polaroids from our little thanksgiving feast (24/11)

So, I fully realize that this is a lame-ass post with just a pathetic handful of photos but too-bad-so-sad, I’m sharing it anyway. I did take quite a few pictures during our little makeshift Parisian Thanksgiving but the vast majority were shot on 35mm film and I’ve yet to drop off the rolls for development due to the effing strikes that are currently happening in Paris… they’re making getting around basically impossible and I am so. over. it.


My dad came to visit for my birthday, as he does every year, and we, along with my friends, decided to throw a mini Thanksgiving together. Finding an American-style turkey was no simple task but we managed to locate one and then spent a full day preparing our traditional feast. My dad and Jake (who’s currently living in Belgium and came in by train for the occasion) took care of the turkey and stuffing, Ash prepped the mashed potatoes, I was in charge of the cranberry sauce, Berfu made a delicious salad and Brigette was… there. Love you, girly!

That’s pretty much it. I’ll have the film photos to share… eventually. If you’re a fellow American reading this, I hope your holiday was lovely, too.

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2 comments on “just a few polaroids from our little thanksgiving feast (24/11)”

  1. Well this looks delightful and also delicious