Thanksgiving in Paris

Exactly one month ago my dad, Jake, Ash, Brigette, Berfu, and I celebrated our own itty-bitty Thanksgiving feast in Paris. I shot film photos of the turkey preparation process (ooh, should we call it the TPP for short? would that catch on? no? okay, okay… I’ll stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen, geez.) as well as a handful of Polaroids.

The turkey took five-ever to cook through and by the end of the evening I was STARVED (don’t worrrry, we did somehow manage to eat before midnight…) and the very next morning I came down with a super-shitty winter cold. But whatever, it was still fun. As cliché as it may sound… family really is everything.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. Happy Christmas Eve! (or do we say ‘merry’ Christmas Eve? I’m not sure. oh well, have a good one.)

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2 comments on “Thanksgiving in Paris”

  1. Prepping a Thanksgiving meal is no easy feat! If I wasn’t celebrating with anyone else, I’d probably be happy enough just treating myself to a turkey sandwich hahh. Y’all did a great job prepping; it looks so good!

    • It was so much work and we ate SO late haha. Honestly, I’d be happy to skip Thanksgiving every year and just order a huge feast from McDonald’s… but my dad was in town for my birthday and he was set on doing a turkey. But I think next year I’ll be doing it my way, complete with a soft serve ice cream at the end haha.