polaroid picture diary (1/20)

January in Polaroid photos

I kept a Polaroid picture diary last month, just as I did in December. Here are the images, plus captions (which read from left to right).

  • 1-3: I walked a hella lot in January, as the public transport strikes, which began in early December, continued well into the month. I took my camera with me nearly everywhere and captured little things that caught my eye. Like streets (1) and apples (2) and buildings (3).
  • 4: My little workspace/dining table at home. I shot this image not long before my classes started up again… which explains why there aren’t heaps of documents and texts and notebooks chilling next to that water bottle. Also, notice my space heater. I don’t know what I’d do without it.
  • 5: Just a wintry view from my window.

  • 6: My bulletin board (which serves literally no practical purpose whatsoever). I recently added a Polaroid of Olivia and I from my 22nd birthday party. Also tacked up… a poster of Taylor Swift (duh), a selfie I took back in 2017 with my cute little mutilated baby doll (aww…), film photos of both of my brothers (from that time my family road tripped around Normandy and Bretagne), a shot of Ash blowing smoke into Briggy’s face that I ADORE, two shots from Barcelona (one featuring a hot guy that Ash and I lowkey stalked at the beach…), my business card, a shot of me and Kaitlyn in NYC two whole years ago, and a shot of Ash, my dad, and I from 2018.
  • 7: Another window shot. When I’m bored I take pictures of nothing.
  • 8: Street art.
  • 9: My bedroom! My bed is not at it’s prettiest here, but I do love that soft blue blanket.
  • 10: Another shot from one of those aforementioned walks.

  • 11-13: I snapped these three photos around the Pantheon (pictured in two) nearly two weeks ago… I think there was something up with this particular pack of film, but I’m not too disappointed, the colors are quite cool, no?
  • 14: Like I was saying… that film… Anyway, I took this while walking home from class. The sunset was spectacular. Not that you can tell here.
  • 15: A Parisian staircase and one (1) shoe.

  • 16: Street art in the fifth arrondissement. Stumbling upon treasures like this was probably the one advantage to the metro being down.
  • 17: Bella was in Paris last month! She crashed at mine one evening, giving us a chance to catch up after ages. This girl is the sweetest.
  • 18: Reading for my histoire littéraire class.
  • 19: It’s been dull and rainy lately.
  • 20: Another cute thing spotted on the street!

Happy February…

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2 comments on “polaroid picture diary (1/20)”

  1. I don’t think I can ever get tired of looking at Parisian apartment buildings! // When I started college, my parents bought me a Dyson bladeless fan that works as a heater and a/c, and it was the BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER. Pricey, admittedly, but it has increased my quality of life tenfold, and I will hold onto it forever!!!

    • Omg that Dyson fan sounds like something I NEED… it’s so annoying to have to switch from heater/fan in the summer, especially in the beginning when somedays are still chilly and others are warm.