Winter has been pretty shitty so far, but I’ve still been documenting all the things, as always.

January & February 2020 on 35mm film

So, guys. Winter just realllly sucks, doesn’t it?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course. Winter is shit. Shitty, shit, shit. I am so over it and also, everything. Over… everything, I mean. Um, why can’t I seem to form coherent thoughts today? Whatever.

Anyway, I’m currently «exiled» from my beauteous apartment due to some bizarre plumbing issue… long story that I don’t feel like explaining… a plumber is coming to investigate Monday… and I’m staying with Ash until then (thank god for #friendship). Ooh, and I have midterms next week. Woo-hoo. I work as well, of course, because girl needs schmoneyz. I have been Broke with a capital B this month and that, plus the plumbing issue, plus dem approaching exams has just about pushed me over the edge. Actually, it did push me over the edge. I had a full on panic attack in the metro a couple of days ago… also a very long story. I survived. Of course. But I sure as hell didn’t think I was going to at the time. I also vomited. Another. long. story.

But yesterday I received these film scans, so yay. I’ve not studied for a couple of days, I’ve just been resting and trying to keep my racing mind reasonably chill and calm and together. Anxiety disorders for the win, amiright.

On the bright side, at least I don’t have bedbugs? And no one… new… is dead? Knock on wood?

Oh, right.

I guess I should describe the things pictured in these pictures now. Not really feeling it, but oh well. Here it goes:

First we have my apartment and a shitload of studying. I’ve been very into historical documentaries, lately, they’ve been helping me digest all the information I’ve frantically trying to memorize for my histoire littéraire class. Bella stayed at mine back in January and sent me flowers after. She’s the sweetest. On December 31st I wrote myself a letter to open at the start of the next decade. We’ll see if I remember it exists when the moment comes. Ash turned 24 on February 7th. I’ve been meeting him at Starbucks during his lunch break about three times a week for almost a month now. We drink way too much coffee. I’ve been walking quite a bit, too, despite the metro running (almost) normally again. Paris is pretty… even in Jan/Feb. There. I admitted it. I also went to see the light show thingy that was happening over at the Jardin des Plantes back in January. It was cute. Oh, and I’ve been eating a lot of Subway lately. I think it’s good. Controversial opinion, I know.

That’s all for now. I’ll surely pop in for another 35mm film diary update in a couple of months or so. I hope I’ll feel better then.

Sending anyone who’s actually reading this lots of love.

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8 comments on “Winter has been pretty shitty so far, but I’ve still been documenting all the things, as always.”

  1. Take care of yourself! Sleep, hydration, showers <3 (My roomie is always reminding me to stay hydrated, no matter what problem I'm dealing with hahha, and usually it's applicable 😛 ) // I'm a fan of Subway as well, though I don't have it often!

    • Take care, too, Audrey! And thank you! I’ve been trying to drink more water than usual, and hot showers are still my fave thing ever. I feel lucky to have not been cursed with insomnia during this confinement, I know a lot of people are struggling with it at the moment. // I usually don’t have Subway very often either but last month I must have had it like 5 times haha. It’s for sure one of my fave ‘fast food’ spots.

  2. Super cool collection of what the past 2 months were like for you. Paris has some really awesome architecture. You’ve captured it beautifully in this post! Also, your friend has such cool style! Lol. I like the black pants with the red jacket, super cool style. 
    Ugh, life just hits at the most random times. But life will get better! Keep your head up and continue to stay positive doll
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

    Des |

  3. Omg, ALSO, I’ve grown an obsession over subway the past 2 months too! Super surprising obsession for me as I’m normally not a fan of sandwiches lol!

    Des |

    • Sandwiches are literally my FAVORITE food. I swear, I could eat sandwiches for every meal for the rest of my life and be content… the possibilities and combinations are endless!

  4. Loved your “I am over this” text… is that bad? haha. It’s always refreshing to see someone writing their thoughts exactly, without too much editing.
    Paris does look pretty, even though (and I fully support you on this) winter is the shittiest of shits.

    Hope you are feeling better,

    • Awww, thank you, Isabel! I am feeling much better than I was last month… but now I’m frustrated for different reasons (um, confinement… lol). Take care and I send you lots of love!