Xmas in April? (I mean, if Hallmark can do it…)

Popping in ‘cuz I don’t really have anything better to do…

Okay, that’s a partial lie. I have a couple of assignments I ought to be working on at the moment but honestly, I’m just not especially motivated to get a head start on them given that, you know, the actual APOCALYPSE be happening outside. Or whatever.

Oh, and in case you didn’t get that Hallmark reference, here ya go. (And, um, yes I am aware that technically, their “Christmas” was in March, not April, but seriously, does the human construct of time even mean anything anymore? Like, I think not. I stand by my choice of title, k?)

Anyway, let’s talk about these wintry photos for a ‘lil bit… I shot them in December, back when we all thought the transport strikes were the worst thing that could possibly happen to us, remember? lmaooooo. Walking from one end of Paris to the other due to a lack of trains and buses suddenly sounds like the most special of treats. It’s actually insane to think we used to prefer to… stay home (GASP)… rather than deal with long commutes, congested traffic, and overpriced Ubers. How quickly things change, amiright?

Well, December Abby took said strikes as an opportunity to walk errywhere with her digital camera in tow. The result: the photos above, which I initially hadn’t intended to share as I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the outcome. That, and at the time I was hyper-concentrated on my shots from Copenhagen, so yeah. Paris def took a backseat for a hot second there.

At long last, however, the time has come for these shots to shine… mainly because, um, I wasn’t able to drop off my latest rolls of completed film for development pre-confinement and therefore have zero new images to share. Also, these pictures have kinda grown on me. So, yeah.

God, what I wouldn’t give to be strolling along the banks of the Seine right now…

Update time: here’s what I’ve been up to…

  • Tiger King-ing (I know… I know…) I’ll admit it… I devoured the first six episodes of this documentary series, which is, quite honestly, probs the stupidest damn thing I’ve ever watched… in, like, my entire life. It was just such a mother-fucking train-wreck, though, I couldn’t pull myself away. That said, towards the end there my interest began to fizzle out, and I’ve yet to finish the final ep.
    For those who’ve watched: so… did Carole Baskin kill her husband? Y or N? While I’m personally a ‘lil torn, I’m leaning towards yes… though the guy was such a perverted creep, do we really even care?
  • Pinterest-ing My Pinterest addiction has not let up in the slightest, man. I’ve been pinning all zee thingsss, and I’m not in the least bit kidding when I say I probably spend up to three hours a day scrolling through and saving new images to my boards. I (probably) need help.
  • Teaching I count myself among the lucky whom are able to continue working from home during quarantine. I’ve been teaching English three days a week, as usual, but from home via Skype and the experience thus far has been nothing but positive. I really do love my job so much.
  • Blog reading I had a bit of time (more than a bit, tbh…) to catch up on my favorite blogs this past week. I especially enjoyed these posts of Michelle’s: small batch brownies and chocolate chess pie. What I wouldn’t give to have an oven at the moment… seriously. This post of Audrey’s also made me smile.
  • Homework-ing (but much less than before, I’ll admit…) I’ve caught up on pretty much all my assignments, with the exception of two I’ve yet to complete (a paper for my statistics class I’ve been putting off because… math… and a creative writing assignment for my sémiotique et communication class I’m working on with three of my peers) and three which have yet to be sent out by my pragmatique, analyse syntaxique, and découverte des métiers de la traduction professors. All of these devoirs maisons are essentially replacements for the exams we ought to have sat throughout the coming weeks, but which were of course cancelled due to these (batshit crazy) circumstances. I’ve also been reading texts for my literature class, just for fun as the work is no longer mandatory. So yeah.
  • Disney +ing Disney + is finalllly available in France, you guys! Literally all my childhood faves are on there. I am ecstatic.
  • Walking I’ve still been making an effort to go for short walks a few times a week, usually early in the morning (in France, we’re no longer permitted to leave our homes for the sole purpose of exercising between 10am and 7pm). My dad sent me an N95 mask from California and I now wear it each and every time I go out. Mask use is becoming more and more common here, I think several French cities have even made it mandatory.
  • Stressing I’m not really going to get into this, because negativity sucks, but… if you’ve read the news or even just scrolled through Facebook or Twitter lately… well, you probably, totally get me.

That’s all. Take care, everyone. Please. xx

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2 comments on “Xmas in April? (I mean, if Hallmark can do it…)”

  1. I’m glad you’re doing well and able to work from home (and that you’re loving your job <3)

    and giiiirl these pictures are so so so pretty

    • Aww, thank you so much, Kayle! I hope you and your family are well… from what I see on Instagram it seems to be the case and oh my goodness Rose is ADORABLE. xoxo