A(nother) weekend in Lyon

Postcards from Lyon

A couple of weeks ago I popped down to Lyon for a weekend to visit a friend… I was very much in need of a post-confinement change of scenery and when the opportunity to spend a couple of days in this pretty city, one of my favorites of those I’ve visited so far in France, presented itself, I jumped at it. My first trip to Lyon back in autumn 2018 was rather short as well, so I was def very eager to return and experience all this place has to offer under summery (aka, um, better…) weather conditions.

Pictured: Vieux Lyon, la Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière, le Parc de la Tête d’Or, la Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste, l’Île Barbe, and some other cute ‘lil things. Oh, and I was allergic to my friend’s cat. So, yeah. Officially still allergic to cats. May have to kiss my dream of someday having a Persian cat, a Scottish Fold, a pug, and a shih-tzu all under the same roof goodbye. I mean. We’ll see.

That’s kinda it for now, I quite like these photos. Hope you do, too.

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One comment on “A(nother) weekend in Lyon”

  1. Love the shots where the light glares off the water <3 That tram is so interestingly placed, and the penguins are so cute! It looks like they're looking up at the tram hahh