secondhalfofjune things

June was a good month.

This is what it looked like:

I spent a lot of time with friends on the quais, we celebrated la fête de la musique on the 21st, Ash hosted a going away party for Shaq, who returned to London on the 25th (sad face), we attended a Lady Gaga bitch party together in the Marais (Chromatica on repeat…yes, plz), Cameron brought me some of my fave treats from the states (Luna bars and Quaker oatmeal for liiife), I walked a lot around the city (and purchased an Ultraviolence vinyl… I couldn’t help myself), we drank coffee, ate Subway…, Vyom left Paris for India on the 29th, annnd notice those light leaks? Yeah, I accidentally opened the back of my camera one day, thinking there wasn’t film inside. I was, quite obviously, mistaken. Whatever, the effect is actually kinda cool.

And that pretty much sums it up. ♥

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