Summertime portraits of Carrie Anne

Summer shoots in Paris

If you’ve been following my work for a while now, you’re definitely, totally, 100% aware that my friend Carrie Anne (French is Beautiful) is one of my very favorite people to photograph. I mean… see here and here and here for just a few examples. I had the pleasure of shooting her not once but twice last week, at two of the loveliest spots in all of Paris. First up: l’île Saint-Louis at sunset, when the light is the most stunning (like, honestly, can it just be sunset all the time please? I wouldn’t be mad). The following day we met at the Jardin du Luxembourg and managed to capture a few more snaps despite the blazing sun… this current heatwave we have going on is seriously no joke, guys.

Anyway! I just wanted to pop in to share these images, particularly since I rarely shoot digital these days and always love to mix it up on here a bit.

That’s all, I hope you like the photos. xx

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5 comments on “Summertime portraits of Carrie Anne”

  1. pretty! love the lighting in the bridge shots xo

  2. That * magic hour light * looks even more stunning in Paris.

  3. ooh I love the shots where the photo is mostly cool but with a focal point illuminated by a ray of sunshine! Also, how is her hair so perfect??