august and september things (also, flickr…)

New pictures! Finally!

So! I’ve been super-duper busy lately, what with school starting up again and my part-time job, and all. I wanted to pop in, however, to archive this series of film photos on my site… well, between here and Flickr, rather. Basically: I’m running super low on L&L disk space and have been for quite a while now. I figured a simple solution would be to upload the vast majority of my new photos onto Flickr, in order to balance things out a ‘lil better. From now on I’ll post a few favorites of each series here directly (like those you see above), and the rest will be available for viewing in a Flickr album, the first of which I’ve linked to just below. Click on it to see more August/September Paris and daily life shizz. Yaaay!

August/September 2020

  • Saj and I spent an afternoon together in late August… we had coffee at Starbucks (I managed to spill mine everywhere, of course), strolled around the Louvre a bit, and then checked out the temporary exhibition on Pompeii at the Grand Palais. It was super nice.
  • My new apartment has slowly but surely been coming together. I’m kinda in love with it.
  • Jake came to visit from Belgium for a few days in September. He, Ash, and I drank lots of coffee and chilled in a couple of cafés.
  • Ash’s new bed arrived! Hence the photos of him inside a giant cardboard box.

It may be a while before I have film developed again, just because I’m cuh-razy busy/overwhelmed at the moment. That said, I’ll of course continue documenting all zee thingz over the coming months. Because, memories.

Happy fall, everyone. xoxo

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3 comments on “august and september things (also, flickr…)”

  1. Disk space, the eternal struggle hahh. // From the snapshots on Instagram, your room is looking amazing! You know I recently moved to Cali and right now I’m working on my room. So far it has a bed and a large closet with lots of built-in shelving, but I’m still looking for a lounge chair/couch and table/desk. // I’m living vicariously through your cafe photos! <3

  2. Hey! I’ve only just starting following you but in love with the sunny Parisian pics so far.
    Louise x

  3. These pictures make me miss the last days of summer so bad… can we please get it back!?