35mm film diary, xmas + new year’s + everything in between

’twas the damn season ♥

(That’s a Taylor Swift reference, of course.)

So, I’m finally getting around to sharing these film photos from Christmas and New Year’s. Yay! I’ve been meaning to post them for several weeks now and totally intended to write a whole “life update” to go along with ’em, but honestly guys, I’m just really tired so this’ll have to do.

I spent Xmas in Paris with Saj and Ash, and we rang in the New Year with a teeny little party at Ash’s apartment. It was nice and all but quite exhausting… I’ve never been much of a fan of holiday social obligations, so thank goodness they’re over now.

Otherwise… I’ve returned to school (sciences du langage, semestre 4/6 woo) and work (still teaching English part-time) and am overall quite content if not a teensy bit overwhelmed. When am I not, though, to be fair.

That’s all. I’ll leave you with the pictures: (that’s a flickr slideshow, btw)

xmas + new year's 2020-21



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One comment on “35mm film diary, xmas + new year’s + everything in between”

  1. haha I relate to being exhausted by holiday obligations! For me, Thanksgiving is the most exhausting holiday 😛 Glad to hear you’re generally doing well! Have a great semester <3