35mm film diary, jan/early feb 2021

The worst of winter, 2021

So, this post doesn’t exactly contain heaps and heaps of photos, as I didn’t shoot very often during the month of January, to be perfectly honest. That and, um, I can only share so many embarrassing pictures of my friendsies online before they ban me from social gatherings forever (trust me… I shot waay more at Ash’s birfday partay than I’m sharing here haha), ya know? Anywhere, here’s a little taste of what my winter looked like. It snowed! Ash turned 25! Paris was cold and dreary and rainy (but still very pretty, I must admit).

To see more go ahead and flip through this Flickr album:

Jan/Feb 2021


Abby ♥

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2 comments on “35mm film diary, jan/early feb 2021”

  1. de très belles photos