{Perfect} Cut-Out Sugar Cookies


The art of elaborate sugar cookie decorating is one I am determined to master. Learning to faultlessly pipe royal icing, however, has proven to be a rather difficult task. Despite this, I have no intention to ‘give up’; to never attempt the process again. After all, I did discover a flawless, simple sugar cookie base recipe – one I will doubtlessly prepare quite frequently .

Now… Perhaps we should take a brief moment to discuss frosting possibilities. As I meticulously shaped each cookie with a star cutter, my younger brother Jack, enrapt by the procedure, offered his assistance. I accepted his help and presented him with a wide variety of shapes to form the dough into. After baking several batches and allowing the sweet, sugary treats to cool, I carefully piped lavender royal icing over those I had cut myself. Jack, eager to embellish his cookies as well, did not have the patience for the detailed icing technique. He requested a thick, chocolate buttercream {to spread with a butter knife}; I was happy to oblige. If you happen to be baking with small children I recommend the buttercream route – don’t forget the sprinkles, of course!

Yes – these cookies are superior to the majority of their kind. They hold their shape remarkably well during baking and as for the taste…incredible.

So, now that we have successfully exhausted the subject of sugar cookies, I will provide you with the recipe. It’s uncomplicated, effortless, easy.


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