~ Summer 2013 ~

Though my initial intention was to share a peach-inspired recipe today, the photographs shot simply were not worthy of a feature. The result: this very post. The highlights of Munchin’ Mel this summer… I hope you enjoy!

Summer 2013

~ Remember ~

Through Photographs



~ Remember ~

Through Recipes

August 10, 2013 – {Rustic} Berry Galettes with No-Chill Pie Crust

July 22, 2013 – {Perfect} Blueberry Muffins ~ With Video

July 9, 2013 – Strawberry Smoothies {For Two}

June 8, 2013 – {Oh-So-Simple} Chocolate & Coconut Granola


~ Remember ~

Through Words

School resumes in merely two days. I will be in tenth grade this year… no longer a freshman, thank goodness! Despite my partiality for summer’s serene, carefree atmosphere, I must admit I am quite eager for the return of routine and order, a familiar comfort only school is capable of providing. My planner and I are to be the best of friends for the next ten months, and I have already purchased a thousand index cards, a handful of vibrant, yellow highlighters, and Sharpie pens of various hues – they are, after all, my writing utensil of choice.  Now, however, let us discuss a few important matters…

I am determined to post as often as possible throughout the duration of the school year. Perhaps between one and two recipes, along with a single  ‘Basically Today‘ {for links I love and little updates regarding my everyday life}, per month? We shall see. The weeks prior to final exams {in December and May} will be utterly hectic, but I love to blog and therefore will make time to pursue my passion.

Next ~ I would like to {sincerely!} thank all those who have commented on Munchin’ Mel multiple times this past summer. If you happen to be reading this… the kind words mean so much to me. I read all your blogs on my iPhone through e-mail subscription and, as a result, repeatedly fail to comment on your recent posts while browsing the web on my laptop. Rachel, Zainab, Julianne, Kiran, and Kayle… Thanks! So, so much!

Finally ~ My favorite blog posts of the summer. I love these:

Croissant Loaf ~ Not Without Salt
Ireland Part 1: Dublin & Ireland Part 2: Ballyvolane House ~ Local Milk
Strawberry Hand Pies + Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream ~ The First Mess
Italy 2013 Plus An Exciting Announcement ~ What Katie Ate
No Bake Orange Cream Tartlets with Mixed Berries ~ Oh, Ladycakes

There were many more, of that I am sure… these were simply the first to come to mind.

And now, I present — June, July, August. My summer:



~last week of school: finals ~ walks along the beach ~ volunteering at the library ~ oh-so-simple chocolate and coconut granola ~ basically today: six and seven ~ a broken laptop ~ the M&M Chocolate Bar ~ reading ~ Greek yogurt ~ several days, a local hotel ~ refreshing strawberry smoothies…yet to be posted ~ black and white photographs galore ~ two food styling and photography failures. both, practice. priceless experiences. ~ thrift shopping. new antique silverware ~


 ~ strawberry smoothies, posted ~ Joy the Baker’s strawberry vanilla quick jam ~ laptop, fixed and returned ~ raspberry ice cream, a failed photoshoot. so delicious ~ popcorn through pictures ~ friends and fireworks ~ Vimeo and YouTube ~ the perfect blueberry muffins ~ five days in Washington D.C. ~ more reading ~ more volunteering at the library ~ history documentaries ~ oh, and daily walks. the best. ~


~ a final shift at the library ~ summer homework, complete ~ basically today: eight ~ a travel post, Washington D.C. 2013 ~ rustic berry galettes with no-chill pie crust ~ sophomore orientation ~ school supply shopping, i adore new office supplies ~ so. much. ice cream. ~ a failed photoshoot: peach cinnamon rolls with honey vanilla icing ~ and now… two days until school begins ~ sigh ~



~ Remember ~

Through Video


Thank you so much for reading!

– Abby

P.S. I am quite excited for Autumn.

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2 comments on “~ Summer 2013 ~”

  1. I love the summer photos!! I wish I had traveled much. I can’t believe these three months breezed by so much. I love reading your blog and it’s always an inspiration to me; especially your photography. I hope sophomore year treats you well and gives you time to update us once in a while 🙂