Baking Essentials: Homemade Brown Sugar

Homemade Brown Sugar

Though I bake quite frequently, – perhaps too often, one might argue – very rarely am I wholly prepared for my kitchen endeavors. In other words… I’ll have begun preparing a recipe, with nearly every ingredient {liquids included} measured and placed in the mixing bowl, when… “Oh no, no, no! I’m out of _____!”. What fills the blank in this particular case? Brown sugar. Fortunately, it can be effortlessly tossed together with granulated sugar and molasses. Two ingredients. Five minutes. By far superior to the store-bought variety.


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7 comments on “Baking Essentials: Homemade Brown Sugar”

  1. prettiest brown sugar I ever did see!

  2. What a great idea!! Will solve lots of my lapses too. (I love the shape of your brown sugar here)

  3. So interesting. Such a pretty picture.

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