a simple breakfast: Vanilla Bean Pancakes & White Hot Chocolate

Vanilla Bean Pancakes 2White Hot Chocolate

Breakfast is quite beautiful. Or maybe I should say… breakfast is quite capable of beauty. It is often neglected, even by myself, you see. A speedy bowl of corn flakes cereal? Instant peaches & cream oats? Perhaps… nothing at all? These are the typical morning meals. We all encounter them regularly, to be sure. But, oh, there is so, so much potential! Breakfast— a kind of art. Sizzling pancake batter, dotted with visible specks of vanilla bean? A generous drizzle of maple syrup atop said (vanilla bean!) pancakes? And the addition of chopped pecans, for good measure?

Now, that is a beautiful breakfast. Utterly easy to prepare, I might add.

Mornings are – to put it straightforwardly – hectic. Frenzied. Busy. Crazy. There is certainly no use in denying it, I shan’t pretend my Monday-through-Friday morns are relaxed, serene, or peaceful. I have two younger brothers. Quiet moments are literally nonexistent.

Fortunately, they tend to avoid our itty bitty kitchen. On the rare occasion I have a smidgen of time to spare… pancakes happen. If I’m feeling particularly fancy: vanilla beans also happen. Maybe even… white hot chocolate? A very good thing.

Vanilla Bean Pancakes 1White Hot Chocolate

I believe I am one of the few people that much prefers white chocolate over its dark & milk counterparts… oh and yes, I am aware that white chocolate is not technically chocolate at all. ‘Real’ chocolate or not… it is entirely delicious.

Despite my love for white chocolate, not until recently had I attempted to prepare white hot chocolate. So, so simple – that is the theme of today’s post, after all. Merely two ingredients are required.

Pair a steaming mug of this heavenly beverage with the aforementioned vanilla bean pancakes.

Partake in the best simple breakfast.

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6 comments on “a simple breakfast: Vanilla Bean Pancakes & White Hot Chocolate”

  1. I don’t eat breakfasts during the week but over the weekends pancakes are always happening. This combination with white chocolate is delicious and will be happening!! Oh white chocolate is real….in my world at least!

  2. Mm, those pancakes look super delicious, love the vanilla bean, but with white hot chocolate?! Perfect breakfast.

  3. Prettiest breakfast. Everrrrr. (plus YUMMIEST!)