an utterly simple pumpkin poundcake.

an utterly simple pumpkin poundcake |

I often fail to appreciate the beauty life’s simple pleasures possess, I fail to recognize the plain magic of mundane, everyday occurrences. Perhaps, just perhaps… little things should not be treated as just that: little. Perhaps I ought to slow down, merely a tad, and take in all the happenings around me. They will not last forever. Nothing does, after all. Little brothers. Not little for long. Jake is rapidly growing, approaching my height. Tenth grade? Ah, yes it is monotonous. And flying by. I must consciously remind myself to enjoy everything. From the sweet scent wafting from my Harvest Coffee candle to the tedious quiz on African geography in World History class… The little things, the fleeting moments, the seemingly impossible homework assignments: all are precious. It’s true, I think.  Another truth: simplicity is typically frowned upon. I have come to realize this, as of late. From six layer pumpkin spice caramel latte layer cakes to even a traditional high school: such complexity! Oh, and why? For what? I prefer… the minimal. No, no. Not always. But sometimes… I want, well, utter simplicity. And sometimes an utterly simple pumpkin poundcake satisfies both the cravings for a spiced treat and easier day-to-day life.

A generous pinch of cinnamon solves nearly every problem, wouldn’t you agree?

an utterly simple pumpkin poundcake |

Sunday. This past Sunday I attempted to somewhat reduce the unmanageable clutter in my shabby-chic, vintage inspired bedroom. I devoted a wall to prints of my photography – a ‘photo-wall’, of sorts. I repositioned my desk, and purchased a used, cream side table, on which my laptop now rests. It felt absolutely wonderful, to simplify what I could. To relax for a bit in my organized space, with soft music and a slice of cake. The best cures for stress – and anything else, in my personal opinion. 

Shall we discuss this particular cake, now? I believe so. It is an incredibly unchallenging endeavor, a young child could prepare it with ease… though I would advise you to not allow them near the oven. One bowl is required, you see. Yes. Only one. And the finished cake is delicious, remarkably moist and flavorful. A perfect autumn dessert.

an utterly simple pumpkin poundcake |

With a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a mug of piping hot tea…

Oh, so wonderful. Enjoy.

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9 comments on “an utterly simple pumpkin poundcake.”

  1. Simply perfect. And I love your writing girl. Just beautiful to read. I agree we all need to slow down and enjoy the moments as they fly by. Soon, it will be spring again but for now I would love a slice of this poundcake with a hot cup of tea.

  2. I just read ”about you’, so very impressed.
    Your writing is so soothing and are your pictures.
    I agree, enjoying every moment is the key to fulfilled life. Your cake looks so good.

  3. Beautiful pictures and lovely writing – you’ve got mad skills lady!

  4. I am going to make this pound cake today. I bought a can of pumpkin to make Paula Deans pumpkin bars. I actually started reading this recipe because the ingredients looked exactly the same. So I checked and they are very similar, except a few extra spices, and a little more sugar and flour. I always add cinnamon and nutmeg to her bar recipe. Her bars just seem like to much to handle today and this seems like it would go perfect with a cup of tea while I get some work done.

    Plus I do not need the fat and calories from the cream cheese frosting.

    Thanks for a great, simple recipe. I can’t wait for my kids to gobble this up.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks so much for making this recipe and taking the time to leave a comment. I’d love to hear how it turned out!
      – Abby

  5. The baseline for what pumpkin pound cake should look like and be! Lovely way with words, and lovely recipe.