Travel: London & Edinburgh 2013

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On London

London, England. Ah… London!

I am composing this particular bit of what I am sure shall evolve into a rather lengthy post from Ediburgh, Scotland. The past several days have been absolutely wonderful, from the moment of our arrival in London to the very second of our departure. Great Britain is simply incredible, and I have loved nearly every minute of our stay thus far. My only complaint? The cold! Certainly not something I am used to… at. all. {these photographs are proof… and these, as well!}

Of course, I enjoyed the (all-too-brief) five days spent in London, regardless of the freezing temperatures. [thank goodness for my heavy coat!] Day One: The British Museum. Day Two: The Tower of London. Day Three: The Churchill War Rooms, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, & Harrods. Day Four: Oxford Street. Day Five: Heathrow Airport… to Edinburgh!

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The Little Things I Loved {About London}…

1. Marks & Spencer ~ Specifically, their wide variety of insanely delicious food.

2. Baker Street ~ Sherlock Holmes! Sherlock Holmes! The Hound of the Baskervilles is a favorite novel of mine. Oh, and I am quite fond of the Adventure of the Speckled Band.

3. Platform 9 3/4. ~ Need I say more?

4. Caramac ~ Best. Candy Bar. Ever. {another snack food I fell in love with? Propercorn.}

5. British Accents ~ I want one.

The History… The Food … The Very Culture

Just. Amazing.

Photographs from London, England:

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On Edinburgh

Edinburgh is delightful… in fact, I believe I may just prefer it over London. Though we spent merely three nights in the gorgeous city, I fell wholly in love with its medieval character and quaint, worn charm. Day One: Edinburgh Castle. Day Two: St. Andrews…my father and the little brothers golfed while my mother and I wandered about the picturesque little town.

 The Little Things I Loved {About Edinburgh & St. Andrews}…

1.  The Royal Mile ~ Famous and historic!

2. Edinburgh Castle ~ Stunning. The rich history blew me away.

3. Cobblestone Streets ~ I adore these.

4. University of St. Andrews ~ A phenomenal school with remarkable tradition and an extraordinary past.

Photographs from Edinburgh, Scotland:

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I am concluding this post from Heathrow airport, as my family and I await our flight home. The trip was fantastic…. I miss it already.

Thanks you so much for reading.  xoxo – Abby

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6 comments on “Travel: London & Edinburgh 2013”

  1. So beautiful!! I love London and now I wish I could visit Edinburgh. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What wonderful images. I spent a good deal of time at St. Andrews as a student in the early seventies, and I loved it. It was cold – the absolute coldest I have ever been. I had arrived from sunny Santa Monica, California, and to say there was culture shock would be to understate the situation. The real jolt came when I ran out of coins for the heater in my room. Yikes!

    • Thanks, Adri! St. Andrews is so, so gorgeous… I would live there if I could, but I’m sure the cold would get to me (also a Cali girl), too. Your experience must have been incredible! 🙂