Travel: San Antonio 2013 {a brief post}

This post shall be brief – a single photograph accompanies the few words I have to say.

December 22 to December 30, 2013… San Antonio {and Laredo}, Texas.

We traditionally visit each and every year, as my mother’s family resides throughout the state. Reuniting with loved ones after months apart is always a delightful experience, and I so look forward to our annual Christmas get-together.

While in San Antonio we dropped by The Alamo, hence the photo below.

The Alamo |

The history of the place is utterly incredible.
My cousins, father, and I went bowling as well, and we frequented local malls over the course of our stay.

The entire trip was wonderful. Just… wonderful.

Thanks for reading today’s itty bitty post.


– Abby

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5 comments on “Travel: San Antonio 2013 {a brief post}”

  1. I was done (I had already put in my nctioe for 8 weeks out when our nanny (also my sister) was hospitalized for a month and it just needed to be done). I went in a few weeks later once everything was calmed down and packed up my desk and since it was during the day I saw none of my team, there was no good bye. Just done. At the time I was happy to have it bee that way but as the weeks and months passed I was sad that after 15 years there was no goodby. No reaching out via various channels to wish me luck. nothing. And i can never go back, I don’t ever want to go back, but it still stings a bit.