Travel: Essen & Düsseldorf 2014 {a brief post}

Travel: Essen & Düsseldorf 2014

My father, two younger brothers, and I briefly visited both Essen and Düsseldorf, Germany this past week. It was a business trip of my dad’s – he generously allowed the three of us to join him, for which we were all quite grateful {a week off school!}.  Though the majority of our time was spent in a convention center, I did have the opportunity to wander throughout the cities, photographing a great deal while doing so.

Here are a few of the shots I took… enjoy!

Travel: Essen & Düsseldorf 2014

Travel: Essen & Düsseldorf 2014

 xoxo – Abby

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2 comments on “Travel: Essen & Düsseldorf 2014 {a brief post}”

  1. aw how lucky! It looks beautiful!