Travel: New Orleans 2014

New Orleans possesses an uncommon charm, a grimy, soiled sort of magic. This city’s loveliness is not entirely obvious, but it is present in a way I have not experienced anywhere before. 

No, I did not fall in love. Love is reserved for London, for Amsterdam, for Seattle, Washington…

But while aimlessly strolling through the worn streets of the French Quarter I felt something – something different. A feeling unique to Louisiana. To New Orleans.

My father, two younger brothers, and I spent a total of five days in this impressive southern city: July 18th – July 22nd. Below you will find a small collection of photographs, along with tips for where to go, what to see, etc.

 Where to Go

The National WWII Museum | New Orleans: History is a great passion of mine, so this museum was an absolute must-see, as far as I was concerned. To those of you interested in World War II, I assure you, these exhibits will not disappoint.

The French Quarter: This particular attraction perhaps goes without saying, but I simply had to include it in my list. The architecture is awe-inspiring. What to see here…

– Jackson Square

– The French Market

– Bourbon Street

Houma’s House | Plantation & Gardens: This historic plantation is a bit out of the way, but oh, is it ever worth the drive! {in fact, Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte was partially filmed here, Bette Davis fans…}

 Where to Eat

 Cafe Du Monde: For classic beignets…

Acme Oyster House: A favorite of my little brothers – they ravenously devoured the chargrilled oysters.

For more recommendations, I personally would turn to Joy the Baker or Beth Kirby, both of whom are experts on the eateries of New Orleans. 


I so enjoyed my time in New Orleans, Louisiana and fully intend to go back someday. The opportunity to leisurely take photographs of the enchanting buildings would be much appreciated… you see, I was trailing behind my father and siblings [who all walk at an unnaturally fast pace] with my camera, and didn’t capture quite as many images as I would have liked to.

Hmmm… it’s a legitimate excuse to return in the future, right?



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4 comments on “Travel: New Orleans 2014”

  1. I’ve wanted to visit New Orleans for a while now – sounds like you had a great trip!