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ย ย ~ thoughts ~

– I suppose I may have slightly bombarded you with posts this past week… this was certainly not my intention, I assure you! After giving the matter some thought, I’ve decided to adopt a Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday schedule, which may or may not be amended as the year progresses. My next update, the second installment of Weekend Things, will be published this coming Saturday – stay tuned!

– Autumn has been on my mind nearly 24/7, as of late… I simply cannot wait for the season to commence. Summer is my least favorite time of year, I detest the uncomfortable humidity, crowded beaches, and glaring sun. Fall brings cozy, brisk weather, fleece pajamas, pumpkin everything, and piping hot mugs of unsweetened tea. It’s utterly wonderful, in every respect. Winter is quite nice, too…

– People are a subject I genuinely love to photograph, but I so rarely have the opportunity to pursue this particular interest. At sixteen, I am most certainly in no position to offer my services to individuals outside of my family. After all, I have so little experience that the odds of me capturing more than two lovely shots are slim. My younger brothers are my only available models at the moment, and they are far from willing. So… I practice on dolls {as creepy as that may sound}. Typically, I come across the antique playthings while thrift shopping for props, and at the moment have a modest collection of three or four. I’m hoping Jake and Jack will be willing to pose for me this weekend, however – we’ll see.

– Finally, shall we chat a bit about Instagram? [I would so appreciate it if you’d follow me {@lacelilacblog}, by the way] For the past week or so, my posts have been daily – a fair accomplishment for me. It is my hope to continue this current regularity. To those of you who consistently ‘like’ my photographs: thank you, thank you, thank you!

ย  ~ links~

– Pretty, pretty funfetti biscotti from My Name is Yeh. Sprinkles are an entirely vibrant + delightful addition to anything and everything.

A Paris Holiday on Pastry Affair. Kristin’s photography is stunning, as per usual.

– I heart the simplicity of this picture. That fabric is utter perfection.

The Lively Show! I stumbled upon this podcast several days ago and have listened to three so far. It’s my new favorite. {The Joy the Baker episode is fantastic}


Thanks for reading today! xoxo

– Abby

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4 comments on “lovely little things: photographs. thoughts. links.”

  1. I’ve been loving your Instagrams, and that funfetti biscotti. OMG yum!

  2. I’m sure you’d take AMAZING pictures of people! Love the doll and roses shots