lovely little things: thoughts on the ocean, summer, and back-to-school breakfasts.

I have been frequenting our local beach, as of late, strolling along the shore with my digital camera in tow. During the summer I am found at the beach ever-so-rarely… I simply despise this season, you see. Hordes of tourists swarm atop the golden sand, splash each other among the vibrant waves, saunter along our wooden pier. They are, of course, welcome, but how I long for the empty strand! Slowly (oh, so slowly…), but surely August is passing by. The vast majority of schools in our city are once again in session, and each day the beach attracts fewer and fewer visitors. Soon, in the early morn, not a soul will be present along our little stretch of coast – with perhaps the occasional exception of a lone jogger. Photographs such as this will, in the near future, be completely possible. I can hardly wait.

Why yes, I did mention above that summer is by far my absolute least favorite season. Truth be told, I have detested the uncomfortable heat and long, lazy days since I was a young child. I have always preferred to be productive, in some sense, and June, July, and August’s undeniable lack of purpose has always bothered me. Fortunately, summer’s days are numbered… the dreaded, humid season is finally drawing to a close! My younger brothers will be attending classes in just weeks… and while on the topic of school:

Over the course of the next semester I will be learning from home, utilizing an online program. I have spoken of this in the past, but as the ‘start’ day rapidly approaches, I have been giving the entire matter a great deal of thought. Blogging will become secondary to my education, but my schedule will also be far more flexible. This should amount to more photography, writing, and posting time. I’m quite excited to see how it goes!


Now, for those of you in school, or with school-age children of your own… Back-to-School Breakfast Recipes. Perfect treats for your/their first day, from the archives:

Cinnamon Muffins with dried cranberries 

Vanilla Baked Doughnuts

Pear Breakfast Cake 

Vanilla Bean Pancakes 


Enjoy the remainder of August. September is on its way! {yay}



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6 comments on “lovely little things: thoughts on the ocean, summer, and back-to-school breakfasts.”

  1. I forgive you for not liking summer 😛

  2. I too am looking for to September and more importantly autumn. I hate summer, the heat agitates me and makes me so uncomfortable. I’ll have to check out your cinnamon muffins with dried cranberries, they look delicious Abby!

  3. Yay for online school and the love of learning all sorts of things! My oldest daughter (20) homeschooled and was allowed to pursue her photography and things that made her lil heart happy. She even made money for college taking pics for businesses after she graduated H.S. Good luck on this school year. Love your style of pics and editing, you’re awesome. 🙂

    • Thanks for this comment, Cillabeth! I’m so glad you shared the story about your daughter – homeschooling was a huge decision, and I love hearing success stories from others who have gone through it. I hope both she and you are doing well 🙂