Baking Essentials: Cinnamon Sugar

Oh, quite some time has passed since I last shared a baking essential of mine, no? To remedy this itty bitty issue, I present you with (drumroll, please…) cinnamon sugar! “Cinnamon sugar?”, you might scoff. “I know how to prepare that.” Yes, I am entirely sure you do. I am also fairly certain, however, that your ratio of cinnamon to sugar has yet to be perfected. After all, it’s far from a simple undertaking. While baking, I frequently overestimate the sheer amount of spice pure ground cinnamon lends to sweet, granulated sugar. Recently, I stumbled upon an ideal blend of the two vital ingredients. Use the mixture in muffins (as pictured above), french toast, porridge, apple pie, etc…


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4 comments on “Baking Essentials: Cinnamon Sugar”

  1. that ratio is actually crazy helpful!

  2. Mmm cinnamon sugar is the best on just about everything. Love it!