Weekend Things

Ah, the weekend is upon us, at long last. Shall we celebrate? I think so.

Though I have mentioned autumn in nearly every post, as of late, I simply cannot refrain from speaking (or perhaps writing) of it yet again. Fall is merely three days away! Three. Days. A number of autumnal images currently reside in a little blue folder in the righthand corner of my computer’s desktop screen… they are waiting, rather patiently (unlike me), I should add, to be put to use. Of course, I have no intention of halting beach photographs over the coming months. I do reside by the seashore, after all. Hmm, a post similar to this one may be in order fairly soon, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, for life and links:

On Instagram: This week’s Instagram favorites, of mine:

Molly Yeh: Molly’s daily snapshots – yes, each and every one of them – are utterly stunning. I just adore the charming personality she imparts into her photographs. Ooh, and this cake? Perfection.

Tiffany Mitchell: Tiffany is a remarkable, accomplished photographer, one capable of capturing the absolute loveliest moments in time. I stumbled upon her Instagram only a short while ago, but have already fallen wholeheartedly for her beautiful feed.

Littlest Beetle: Lydgia’s day-to-day images are entirely delightful… I’m particularly fond of the sweet photos of her little one.

My Life: Just everyday happenings…

Several days ago I awoke uncharacteristically early – oh, around 5:45 am, I believe? Typically I rise between 6:30 and 7:00, peruse social media for a bit, and then prepare a morning meal. On this notable (and highly unusual) occasion, however, I impulsively decided to take advantage of the additional spell of time and headed to the beach for a stroll, digital camera in hand. The photograph featured above is the outcome of my brief, coastal excursion.

Exciting news! For a limited time, each {Handmade} Perfectly Pumpkin Soap in the Lace & Lilacs Store is $3.00 off. Autumn is not far off, after all…

As those of you who follow my Instagram are aware, my fall baking endeavors have officially begun. Butternut-ty, pumpkin-y, sweet potato-ey treats will be appearing on Lace & Lilacs over the course of the next few months. Yay!

 Around the Web: Bits and pieces from the internet!

Oh, such a dreamy wedding! What flawless photographs… and the color of those dresses!~ Wallpaper love. ~ Beauteous bread. ~ A happy birthday cake I heart. ~ I forget this, far too often.


Have a wonderful Friday (and Saturday, and Sunday!)



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  1. I always love all the things you share <3